The Issue Of Sole Sourcing Contracts Still Worries Konadu.. Find Out Why

Nana Konadu Rawlings, Flagbearer of the National Democratic Party (NDP) has drawn the attention of Ghanaians to the issue of sole sourcing contracts which have been trending in the government. She has observed that such contracts have a lot to do with the high rate of corruption which has befallen the country.

She has therefore, charged government to stop sole sourcing contracts because according to her, that is the root cause of corruption in the country.

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Speaking on Radio Ghana on Tuesday, the former first lady of Ghana also frowned at the issue of politicians bribing media personnels to keep mute on controversial issues. She urged asked politicians to stop bribing the media to “keep quiet about issues that are happening” in the country.  She also asked media practitioners never to hesitate to speak the truth when it comes to exposing corruption.

Sole sourcing contracts are those kind of contracts where only one company provides the services needed. This simply means there is only one vendor capable of providing the goods or services, and therefore it is not possible to obtain competitive bids.

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Most of the biggest procurement scandals that have rocked the government of Ghana in the past all took place through sole sourcing. This can be seen in the case if the controversial bus branding deal (handled by Smarttys Management & Productions) which saw the resignation of former transport minister, Dzifa Attivor.

Apart form Nana Konadu, The Public Accounts Committee (PAC) have also frowned at sole sourcing contracts. According to the Chairman of PAC, Kwaku Agyemang, most of the companies that make procurement for the public private partnerships and have been indicted for various corrupt acts were all sole sourced.

People in the likes of Nana Konadu whom have been able to observe this are calling on government to put a stop to sole sourcing contracts