Pursue Ken Agyapong’s Comments in Court If You’re Offended – Chief to Charlotte Osei

According to the chief, the MP’s comments were directed to a particular woman, who should sue Ken Agyapong if she feels offended…

The Kyedomhene of Efutuakwa Traditional Council in the Central Region, Nana Kwasi Wadie II has wondered why the much fuss over the MP for Assin North’s sexist comments against Charlotte Osei.

Speaking to a Joy News correspondent in the region, the Central Region chief bluntly pooh poohed claims by critics, that Mr Agyapong’s comments were made against the female gender in general. Stressing that the MP’s claim that the Electoral Commissioner, Charlotte Osei, traded sex for her job is not an attack on women in general, he pointed out that the claim could be proved or disproved in court, as the case may be.

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He even wondered whether Ghanaians understand the Twi language with which the condemned MP made the alleged comments. He therefore called on them to seek interpretations if they are in want of proper understanding.

“Ken did not insult all women. He said Charlotte Osei used sex to get her position and the allegation is not talking about all women. Why widen it to say he has insulted all women including his mother?”

“Do Ghanaians really understand Twi? If you don’t understand Twi ask for interpretation,” he added.

Several female personalities have condemned the MP, who is before now, known for unsavory political commentary. Gender and Social Protection Minister, Nana Oye Lithur and Foreign Affairs Minister, Hannah Tetteh, have called on the legislator to retract, as well as apologize for his comments against Charlotte Osei. The PNC party have also urged the defamed commissioner to sue Ken Agyapong for slander.

However, amidst all the fuss and blasts against the Mr Agyapong, he remains unremorseful, threatening to say more against the EC Boss if he is further provoked by critics.

Still on the issue, a group of about 500 women in the Eastern region, led by Deputy Regional Womens’ Organizer of the NDC, Evelyn Korang, staged a protest against the law maker, demanding that he be kicked out of parliament.

But the chief has rejected such demand and the massive criticisms of the “son of the soil”. For him, Kennedy Agyapong’s political opponents are just making malicious attempts to fuel public sentiments against his re-election bid in the upcoming general elections. He further stated that the MP’s comments were directed to a particular woman, who should sue Ken Agyapong if she feels offended.