Sulley Muntari’s Wife: My Husband is Not Notorious, He is Respectful

Sulley Muntari’s wife has attempted to create a more friendly picture of her husband Sulley who has been perceived to be arrogant and controversial. The former beauty queen has labelled her husband as the “sweetest father” who makes marriage and family life easier.

The beauty queen was speaking alongside her husband to Bola Ray on Starr Chat Wednesday, June 7, 2017, when she disclosed an endearing part of the Pescara midfielder which majority do not know.

Football both in Ghana and internationally, have had a fair share of Sulley Muntari’s  escapades. Muntari over the years has been involved in a host of controversial angry reactions. Some of them include altercations with renowned player David Beckham, US player Jermain Jones and many others; fights that always sees Sulley seize the throats of his opponents.

This is excluding the unforgettable verbal and physical attack meted out to Black Stars Moses Armah, by the Pescara midfielder in 2014, an act which landed him an indefinite suspension from Ghana’s national team. Muntari who is perceived as the rugged middleman on the field who has been tagged a “no-nonsense” footballer by commentators due to his temperament.

However, Sulley Muntari’s wife who is closest to the player has begged to differ. The 2004 Miss Universe Ghana in the interview, said that her husband Muntari is a sweet husband and father. According to the beauty queen, Muntari is quite a different person on the pitch but is so endearing at home. She was also quick to add that the rugged middleman is extremely jealous but respectful.

Sulley Muntari’s wife went further to dwell on her husband’s personality in football. The 32-year-old whom she said eats and breathes football, is very resistant to intimidations. Muntari she said, can never be bullied and will always stand up for what is right.

Muntari also used the platform to pour praises on his wife whom he labelled as caring. The former Milan midfielder rubbished reports that their marriage will eventually breakdown because there will be a clash of egos due to their celebrity status. He went further to emphasise on how important respect is in every marriage, adding that the quality is what has kept them both happy.

Muntari’s Racial Abuse

Muntari suffered disheartening racial abuse at a Seria A clash between his club Pescara and Cagliari. The 32-year-old was rudely booed at by supporters of his opponents, Cagliari at the final minutes of the match. It however, got worse when the Ghanaian was issued a red card by the referee following his calls for disciplinary actions.

The Ghanaian was subsequently, issued a one-match ban by Seria A Disciplinary Committee -a ban which was later revoked by Italian Football Federation. This was following massive protests by football bodies across the globe.