Suspected Killer of JB Danquah Demonstrates How He Committed the Crime

According to Citi News, the suspected killer of late Member of Parliament for Abuakwa North constituency Joseph Boakye Danquah was sent to the crime scene to demonstrate how he committed the act.

Mr J.B Danquah was killed last Tuesday at his Shiashie residence in Accra. Since after the murder, the police have been carrying out intensive investigations to ensure that all suspects involved in the crime are arrested. Meanwhile, they have succeeded in picking up the chief suspect, that is the suspected killer last Thursday.

Suspected killer of JB Danquah
Suspected killer of JB Danquah

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To aide investigations, it was reported that the suspected killer was sent to the crime scene where he allegedly climbed a ladder from the compound to the MP’s room where he committed the crime. This was aimed at helping to substantiate information gotten so far about the alleged murder.

The security guard who was on duty on the day was only granted bail over the weekend after being grilled by the Bureau of National Investigations (BNI) for for days.

Citi News also reported that some neighbours of the late MP have told revealed they heard the noise a struggle between the MP and his attackers that fateful morning, which forced them out of their homes only to find out that he had been killed.

They claimed to have seen a ladder behind the late MP’s bedroom, which they suspect was used by the assailants to access his room where he was killed.

According to them, they saw a man run out of the house but he could not use the main entrance because they had then called in the police who were stationed at the gate waiting to enter.

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We’ll keep you updated as we get more information on the progress of investigations on this gruesome murder.