Swazi Bare-Breast: Why YouTube Authorized Display Of SA’s Braless Reed Dancers

Swazi bare-breast dance -There are no more restrictions to Swaziland’s famous reed dance which features bare-breasted women.

Youtube’s initial restriction on the dance had not augured well with some culture oriented activist groups who thought it appropriate to voice out their concerns.

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TV Yabantu has a youtube channel where it showcases and propagates the African heritage to the whole world. The channel  which is an online video production company produces content that “protects, preserves and restores African values”

Beign culture oriented, this channel showed the famous Swazi bare-breast dance a concept which showcased the African pride.

However, the channel which had been adding 3,000-4,000 new subscribers every month until the platform started to flag its content as inappropriate.

Youtube had also put a label on the channel which was launched in 2016, advising advertisers that its content was “not suitable for most advertisers. But the tech platform’s take on the content of channel did not resonate with the management at TV Yabantu.

In a bid to clear the misconceptions, Lazi Damini contacted Google emphasizing that the channel was simply reflecting the cultural values of his community. Unfortunately, the company said that the content violated the platform’s standards.

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This then raised concerns among the management who then decided to act. Lazi Dlamini chose to use a campaign to persuade the tech giants to rescind their decision. He had organized a series of protests, working with more than 200 cultural groupings from Swaziland

The protest involved women who posed bare-breasted with placards that read “Google are racist” and “my breasts are not inappropriate” in a bid to get the tech company to rescind the restrictions.

Some of the women who interacted with the media bemoaned the manner at which their cultural heritage was labeled as inappropriate or regarded as porn.

They emphasized that posing in a sexually suggestive manner that was quite different from posting pictures with a traditional theme. However, the protesters have been made calm as Youtube has opted to lift the restrictions.