Swine Flu: Drugs and Vaccines For Disease En Route to Ghana

Swine Flu – Drugs will be administered to carriers, as well as those quarantined for the endemic swine flu disease.

Ghana Education Service (GES) issued a statement after a meeting with the Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization (WHO) that a drug for the treatment of the disease will be making their way to Ghana soonest.

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The drug – Tamiflu, was given to tens of thousands of people during the swine flu pandemic in 2009. The disease has been detected in at least a dozen students of Kumasi Academy in the Ashanti Region, where four students are suspected to have died from it.

The outbreak of Influenza H1N1 otherwise known as Swine Flu has left every Ghanaian apprehensive, following what many called mysterious deaths involving four students of KUMACA in the past week.

The outbreak which begun November saw the death of 14 students out of 44 reported cases. Speculations of food poisoning, diabolic attacks and lots more made their way to the media, engulfing the entire nation in paranoia.

But the Ghana Health Service simplified the complex equation when after several tests, it confirmed the cause of the deaths to be Influenza H1N1 otherwise known as Swine Flu.

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It had been revealed that some parents, during the outbreak, took their exposed children home from school. This further exposed the students to anyone they may have come into contact with, aiding transmission of the disease.

This was why the health service cautioned the public to be on the alert. Following the outbreak, the school’s students and staff were administered some other antiviral agents, and the school was also fumigated, following the detection of the swine flu.

But the main drug for the disease will be supplied the country according to the GES. The GES in the statement said that “arrangements have been made to procure and airlift antiviral agent, Tamiflu, and vaccines for use.

Tamiflu is expected in the country by 15th December 2017  while the vaccines would be by 16th December 2017, according to the statement.

Meningitis Deaths

Aside from the suspected outbreak of swine flu at Kumasi Academy, Meningitis deaths were also recorded in some SHSs across the country. One was recorded at the Koforidua Secondary Technical School in the Eastern Region.

Meningitis deaths were also recorded at the Damango Senior High School in the Northern Region from meningitis, and the Bawku Secondary Technical School.

Further reports on the development are yet to be revealed by the GES.