Swiss Gold Denies MenzGold: Switzerland Company Says It Has NO Affiliations with Menzbanc!

Swiss Gold Denies MenzGold: Latest reports reveal that Switzerland Gold Company, Swiss Gold Global has denied having affiliations with Ghana-based Gold Investment Company, MenzGold as claimed by the latter.

According to a recent report by Joy News’ Manasseh Awuni Azure, Swiss Gold has denied having any connections with MenzGold Ghana Limited, whose umbrella name is Menzbanc. According to an email from Swiss Gold, MenzGold once contacted them, but no trade connections were established.

“Please note that Swiss Gold Global and its associated companies have no association with Menzbanc regarding any of their investments,” part the Swiss Gold email reads.

The mail further stated that MenzGold had neither bought nor sold to them in any form. They also said they cannot credit or discredit the Ghana-based company.

This development has increased the doubts and fears of many regarding the credibility of Menzbanc. Howbeit, MenzGold has also come out to clarify the affiliation denial by Swiss Gold Global.

According to one of the managing staff of the company, MenzGold used to have affiliations with Swiss Gold but the association is no longer in existence. To further clear the air, MenzGold has published a disclaimer which reads: “Mengold was an affiliate of Swiss Gold Global but opted out because there was the need to build to a formidable brand that is not dependent on any other brand.”

They have also stated they no longer have affiliations with Swiss Gold on their company website.

MenzGold Ghana Limited started making media headlines few days ago, following the Bank of Ghana’s issuance of a notice/warning to the general public not to make cash deposits with the institution, as they are not licensed by the Central Bank to do so.

But the company debunked BoG’s claims that they accept money deposits from the public, making it clear that they are licensed by the Minerals Commission of the Republic of Ghana to deal solely on Gold.

This development however drew the attention of Ghanaians to the activities of the company, with many questions arising on their credibility. It is in this bid to know more about MenzGold’s dealing that many stumbled on the company’s claims that they are affiliated to Swiss Gold Global, a gold bank based in Switzerland.

A section of the information on MenzGold website as at Tuesday evening reads:

By our affiliation to Swissgold global in Switzerland; sharing in the objectives of turning the fortunes of groups and individuals around by ensuring absolute financial freedom for people, has inspired or drive us to attain the unprecedented height and records we’ve set in Africa.

Swiss Gold denies MenzGold

But some Ghanaians such as Manasseh Azure have delved into the matter more deeply, refusing to swallow MenzGold’s claims hook, line and sinker; thereby sniffing out the truth.

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