Takoradi Gas Explosion Leaves Over 100 Persons injured

The Takoradi gas explosion which occurred this morning has left not less than 100 persons with varying degrees of injuries.

At around 7:10 am today, being Tuesday, May 9, an explosion occurred along the Sekondi-Takoradi road in the Western region. According to reports, explosion occurred when a gas tanker was discharging to Ghumco, a utensils manufacturing company on the Takoradi main road close to the Total Gas station.

Citi News’ Western Regional Correspondent Oberempong Yaw Ampofo had reported that a problem was encountered in the process, after which the fire service officials were called to rescue the situation.

Unfortunately, both the discharging and receiving tankers exploded, seriously injuring all the five servicemen at work, and several others around the scene. But that was not all, Ampofo gathered from eyewitnesses that the explosion diffused into the atmosphere, injuring scores who were using the road at the time, as well as students and employees at a nearby school and metro mass depot.

Graphic Online reports reveal that one of the tankers split into two, flipped over and landed in a swamp close by, with fire from the explosion destroying items at the Chinese-owned Ghonco Company.

It also extended to the nearby OLAM Ghana warehouse, completely destroying everything on there, including rice, oil and flour.

The injured were all rushed to different nearby hospitals, and according to figures so far gathered from the Effia Nkwanta Regional Hospital and the GHAPOHA hospital, the number of injured persons is close to a hundred.

Some of the Takoradi gas explosion victims at the Effia Nkwanta Regional Hospital.

Some of the injured are said to have suffered second-degree burns with a few referred to the Cape Coast Hospital. We just pray that non of them will lose his or life subsequently.

In fact, stories of gas explosions and other forms of fire outbreaks in Ghana, have become shameful, rather than saddening, considering the frequency of such occurrences. The Labadi gas explosion which saw the death of the Trade Minister, Alan Kyeremanten’s sister counts among them. Nobody wants to recall the gory June 3 incident, but the question is, what has been done about the situation since then?

Among several other factors that contribute to gas explosions across the country, the careless siting of gas stations and fire risk factories is prominent.

Ghanaians are sincerely hoping that it is not the mass death of all the country’s citizens that will eventually move concerned authorities to look into the menace for good.