Intergrity at Its Best! Tanzanian Electoral Commission Returns $5m Surplus From Budget

The Tanzanian Electoral Commission has just handed over a cheque of 5 million dollars (£3.4m) surplus from budget to their President, John Magufuli.

Recent reports have revealed an exemplary act of the Tanzanian Electoral Commission (TEC), which has become the talk of the town.  It has been reported that TEC has just handed over a cheque of 5 million dollars (£3.4m) surplus  from budget to their President, John Magufuli. This should be a lesson to Ghana’s Electoral Commission as well as other government parastatals.

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The commission handed over the said amount which was not spent during last year’s general election to their President. The money was returned by the commission to prove to the government that they are both diligent and hardworking.

Handing over the excess money, the TEC chairman explained to the president that the surplus money does not mean the election was compromised in any way.

TEC Chairman Damian Lubuva

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“Mr President, we were very stingy yet very diligent in our duties. So this surplus shouldn’t mean that our work was compromised anyhow,” the TEC chairman said.

President Magufuli was very pleased by the unique gesture of the commission. According to reports, he described the act as patriotic. This is really integrity at its best. TEC could have chosen to keep the money to itself, but decided to give it back to the government.

“You could have easily kept all this money and claim that you spent it all. Or even say that it wasn’t enough. And nobody would have questioned it,” President Magufuli said.

The Tanzanian president declared that the surplus money will be used in construction of the Electoral Commission’s offices.

This patriotic song of theirs has been on the lips of Ghanaians who are now calling on the country’s EC as well as other government parastatals to emulate the virtuous act.