Tarzan Slams NPP’s Claims Of Mahama’s Incumbency Abuse

Dr. Charles Wereko-Brobby, also known as Tarzan slams NPP for their claims that the incumbent president John Dramani Mahama is abusing incumbency.

President Mahama have since embarked on a tour of the ten regions named “Accounting to the People tour” but this has been met by huge criticism specifically by members of the NPP, who claim that the president’s act is an outright abuse of Incumbency. However, Tarzan who is a suspended member of the opposing NPP said that critics of Mahama’s “Accounting to the People tour” have no base to defend their claim that he is abusing incumbency since there are no rules and regulations on ground against such activities, therefore he clearly stated that the President was not breaking any laws.

Dr. Wereko-Brobby (Tarzan) who is currently serving as Chief Policy Analyst at the Ghana Institute of Policy Options further stated that he has been a witness to former presidents who have done the same as Mahama and that the opposition (NPP) are being overly critical about the president’s actions. Tarzan even went on to affirm that he was part of the former president Kufuor’s “So Far So Good” brochure and mantra in 2004. According to him, “So Far So Good” was produced with state funds. The policy analyst stated that the only dissimilarity between the two is the change of names and that if the state are really keen on quelling the issue, then they should put up corresponding and adequate efforts for its regulation. His words read thus;

I’ve been part of every single election of the 4th Republic and every single president has found the need to justify why their mandates should be extended. Jerry John Rawlings did it in 1995, President Kufuor did it in 2004 and the late Mills did it in 2012 when he was going round and cutting sods. When people are in opposition, they see every action of the incumbent as tantamount of gaining undue advantage but when they get into power they forget that the rules of engagement have to be very tight so that they do not suffer unduly from abuse of incumbency.

We have to have rules of engagement and people now in opposition are saying that we should have rules on what the president can do and cannot do. we don’ t have laws and the absence of laws create the opportunity for people in power to abuse it. I happen to have been one of the drafters of so far so very good in 2004 which was also produced using state funds. I remember the NDC protested vehemently against that particular document. Now the NPP is shouting. But the very sensible view that is emerging is that, there should be laws and proper rules of engagement.