TB Joshua Has Reversed His Ghana Terror Prophecy? See What He Now Says…

TB Joshua Reverses prophesy of looming terror attacks on Ghana, saying that Ghana is too strong for all the enemy put together!

The controversial Nigerian pastor, has turned around on his words concerning his prophesied looming terror attacks on Ghana. The Founder and Leader of the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN), Prophet TB Joshua reverses his prophesy, stating that Ghana is no more likely to be hit by the said ‘foreign terror attacks’.

The Nigerian Prophet commended Ghana for what he described as firm steps taken by the country’s security agencies in ensuring that the nation is safe from any terror attack. He expressed great happiness with Ghana, saying that, “the nation took the bull by the horns and the evil doers put together, are no match for Ghana.”

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He went on to call on other nations of the world to emulate that Ghana’s strategy and tactics which he described as “heart to heart awareness and love for one another.” He further added that for this reason, “God will never allow evil doers to prevail in Ghana”.


We have not forgotten that on April 10, Prophet TB Joshua during his Sunday sermon aired live on Emmanuel Tv called on his congregation to pray assiduously for Ghana and Nigeria as they are at the risk of imminent terror attacks. According to him, the attacks will not be a local one, but will come in a ‘foreign’ way.

This declaration has kept the hearts of many Ghanaians skipping. A lot of individuals and groups, including the police took the prophecy serious while a handful of others lashed out on the prophet, reigning criticisms at him.

However, since the prophecy came at the heels of similar predictions by the National Security Council, security bodies felt it will be pertinent to act accordingly instead of treating it with complacency. To be on the safe side, they have been on their toes and have also advised the general public to be on the alert.

Meanwhile, we have not gotten any reactions on the prophecy so far from our Nigerian counterparts. Who knows, their silence may be buttressing the popular adage that, “a prophet is not without honor except in his own town.”