TB Joshua’s Prophecy Fulfilled as North Korea Tests Hydrogen Bomb Few Days After

According to BBC News, North Korea says it has successfully tested a miniaturized hydrogen bomb which, if confirmed, would be its fourth nuclear test since 2006.

This is coming after a 5.1 magnitude quake was detected close to its nuclear test site at Punggye-ri, indicating a test may have been conducted. This is North Korea’s first claim to have tested a hydrogen bomb which is more powerful than a basic atomic bomb.

International experts have cast doubt over the North’s nuclear capabilities. Suspicion of an underground test was first raised after the US Geological Survey said the epicentre of the quake – detected at 10:00 Pyongyang time (01:30 GMT) – was in the north-east of the country, some 50km (30 miles) from Kilju city, near Punggye-ri. Then in a surprise announcement, a newsreader on North Korean state TV said:

The republic’s first hydrogen bomb test has been successfully performed at 10:00 am on January 6, 2016.”

There has been no independent verification of this at the time. Last month, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un said Pyongyang had developed a hydrogen bomb, although many experts were sceptical. If confirmed, it would mean Pyongyang is intent on pursuing its nuclear programme with little regard for the major political and diplomatic costs that will inevitably accompany this unwelcome development, says Dr John Nilsson-Wright of Asia Programme at Chatham House.

The most Interesting part of the story…

The most amazing fact about this news is that it is coming just a few days after Prophet T.B. Joshua’s global warning about the advanced weaponry capabilities of the volatile North Korean regime!

It happened that Joshua called for prayers for North Korean leader Kim Jong-un during his New Years Eve message, giving further details of his ‘revelation’ the following Sunday 3rd January 2016.

I am seeing an arrow from there and it will affect the world,” he soberly stated. “Let us live at peace because the war we are fighting already in Syria is still there. We cannot afford another one again.”

The cleric went further to speak on the advanced weaponry the nation possessed.

There are some weapons there the world does not know about. If they throw that arrow, there will be confusion,” he stated.

Days later on Wednesday 6th January, North Korea announced that it carried out a “successful” hydrogen bomb test as stated above. A claim that massively raises the stakes over the hermit state’s banned nuclear programme.


With the perfect success of our historic H-bomb, we have joined the rank of advanced nuclear states,” it said, adding that the test was of a miniaturised device.

International condemnation was swift with neighbours South Korea and Japan decrying a gross violation of UN Security Council resolutions, while the White House said it was still studying the precise nature of the apparent test and vowed to ‘respond appropriately’,

A hydrogen, or thermonuclear bomb, uses fusion in a chain reaction that results in a far more powerful explosion than the fission blast generated by uranium or plutonium alone.

In light of the chilling news, online Nigerian newspaper PM News surmised,

T.B. Joshua’s prediction appears to be one to be taken rather seriously.”

Watch below the video of his prophesy:

Meanwhile, before the test, North Korean state media said the country “deserved to hold nuclear weapons… to counter nuclear threats by the US”. Experts believed before the fourth test that North Korea was still some years from being able to hit a target with a nuclear bomb delivered by a missile. But it is crystal clear that it is absolutely determined to be able to do so. It is also clear that it is improving its abilities rapidly.