Author Of Textbook Depicting The Head As ‘Load Carrier’ Defends His Book

A Science textbook for primary schools stated with a picture, the function of the human head to be for ‘carrying load’. This depiction has drawn a lot of criticisms from some education experts, including different forms of mockery on social media.

However Joseph Albert Quarm, the author of the textbook has justified the classification in the book. According to him the primary school educational curricula requires an activity based learning.

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He explained further that for pupils at that age, it is required that simple and accurate methods are employed to enable them comprehend the basis of the teaching. Giving a clear instance, he said it would be more difficult for a pupil to understand that the head is used for thinking but much easier if he is enlightened that it is used for carrying loads.


The different critics include people in the likes of the Vice President of IMANI Ghana, Kofi Bentil, who immediately took to Facebook to roar against the expression. Mr Bentil had pushed for the withdrawal of the textbook from all primary schools whom have begun using it.

Bentil’s lament against the book was on the grounds that it encourages shallow mindedness among the recipients (the pupils) whom still have very young minds. To buttress his points, he said the head is meant for other important things and not just carrying loads which the pupil is made to believe in the textbook.

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Also, Vice President of the National Association of Graduate Teachers, (NAGRAT), Angel Karbonu also expressed his concerns over the textbook issue. He said there was the need for a review of the book.

A representative of the Ghana Education Service explained that the textbook would do no harm as it is for pupils in the early stage and gradually advanced books would be used for them in subsequent stages.