These 10 Ghanaian Celebrities Look So Charming In Suits That Ladies Can’t Help But Trip

We once talked about tall and handsome Ghana celebrities, and here, we are going to see those of them that appear debonair whenever they step out in suits. These men look so suave in suits that ladies find them completely irresistible. Not as if they don’t look smart and elegant in other outfits, but suits bring out the best in them. Here are 10 Ghanaian stars you’ll forever love to see in suits!

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John Dumelo – Ghanaian Nollywood Actor


Okay, John has always been like the Idris Elba of Ghana and such men were made to wear suits. He is one of those kind of men that you look at until you drool and then you wonder how one woman could have all of that. Dumelo looks absolutely fantabulous in a suit, but for all we know, he could look just as handsome in a sack.

Lexis Bill – Radio Presenter

bill-lexis This is the definition of Yummy. Say what you will, but a lady could drown in that pool of absolutely gorgeous brown eyes. When we talk of the manly African man, Lexis would be my pick, anytime, anywhere, and his looks in a suit just proves that. Lexis in a suit is what manly and polished really means.

Chris Attoh – Actor


I am absolutely sure I’m not lying when I say some ladies cried their hearts out when handsome Chris Attoh was taken off the market. He may be married, but the way he looks in a suit can sure make any lady want to scream ‘Lord have mercy’.

Sarkodie – Musician


Wearing a suit is an act and with every act, there’s the expression that slays it, and Sarkodie has the expression that slays it. He looks entirely too good for some ladies’ peace of mind.

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Prince David Osei – Actor


Wearing a suit with a bow tie is not something most men can pull off so easily, but so far Prince David has managed to look very handsome and dashing every time he wears a suit with a bow tie.

Kwasi Kyei Darkwah (KKD) – Tv/Radio Presenter


KKD may not be as young as John Dumelo, but he looks every bit as handsome in a suit. The TV/Radio presenter favors suits with or without the tie or even with a bow. He looks good in it all the same.

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Funny face – Comedian

funny-face2 Despite the fact that Funny face enjoys looking like a ruffian probably to suit his audience and create more appeal for his jokes, he does know how to wear a suit. Be it a complete suit or a blazer jacket, this funny comedian has mastered the act of making women swoon with delight at his appearance.

Kofi Okyere Darko(KOD) – Radio Presenter


There is something really fascinating in seeing a black man wear a blue suit and looking really dapper in it. KOD looks really good in a suit, it brings out all of the gentleman in him and transforms into some kind of knight.

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Majid Michel – Actor


Majid wears his suits as excellently as he plays all of his roles in movies. Better than that, he knows how to select them in the perfect color that highlights his bright eyes and with that cute beard, why wont the ladies trip. He may have just renewed his vows but he sure ain’t going easy on the ladies.

Stephen Appiah – footballer


He might be a footballer, but whenever he decides to come off the jersey and try on something else, the suit is one of his strong points. They suit him as well as his jersey does.

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