These Are the Most Expensive Universities In Ghana Now – No.1 Is Outrageous!

As the quest for higher education is on the increase, that’s exactly how the cost is increasing too. So many of our predecessors can testify to the fact that tertiary education is becoming far too expensive. However, it has been observed that no matter the fee any of the available tertiary institutions, both public and private decides their students will pay, there has always been people who can afford it and thereby enroll for education there. You may not have known that there are schools in Ghana where students pay over 30,000 cedis as tuition per semester.

It is important to note that the figures tagged to each of the schools is the highest fee obtainable in that particular school. In some occasions, there may be other courses studied in that same school that the fee may be less than the one provided here. Now, checkout the Most Expensive Universities in Ghana at the Moment:


Tuition per Semester: GH⊄2700 ($621)


Regent University College of Science and Technology, also known as Regent-Ghana, is a private university based in Accra, with three other satellite campuses, located at Dansoman, Lartebiorkoshie, and Graphic Road. The school management is still making plans to construct its purpose-built, main campus at the McCarthy Hill. The school was established in 2003 but commenced academic activities in January, 2005.

In the ranking of Universities in Africa, Regent University College is also ranked among the top 200 universities in Africa. Regent is one of the best Universities in Ghana. It correlates well with quality of education provided and academic prestige. Though the tuition fee per semester is G⊄2700, The Regent University is much more expensive than that because they have very sophisticated facilities which attract other fees aside the tuition.