Tomato Price Hike Hits The Ghanaian Market

The Ghanaian market have seen a rise in tomato prices by 9%. This is according to reports released by Esoko Ghana, an information and communication service for agriculture.

A medium size tomato tin, full of fresh tomato is now being sold at an average price of GHc8.80.

In the city of Accra, it lost 38 percent to close the week at GHS 5.70. In Takoradi, tomato prices dropped by 11 percent to close at GHS 20.00. While in Kumasi, it dropped by 3 percent to close the week at GHc 10.30. Tomato prices, however, remained the same in other regions of the country.

On a brighter side, the same source also revealed that the prices of maize in the third week of July had reduced by 2 percent.

An olonka of maize now sells at an average of GHc5.60 each. Reviewing the various markets, in Dambai, the price for an olonka of maize dropped by 20 percent to close the week at GHc 4.00 while in Kumasi, the price gained 2%, closing the week at GHc 6.30.

Esoko Ghana also revealed that the prices of Groundnut, Millet and Soyabean all dropped by 1% each.

At the close of the week, an olonka of Groundnut sold at GHc 13.30. An olonka of Millet at GHc 5.50 and that of Soyabean at GHc 6.00.

The price of Yam also known as Pona, gained 5 percent, closing the week at GHc 7.60 per “medium size tuber”

Fresh tubers of cassava gained 4 percent to close the week at GHc 6.90 per “3-4 tubers.” While Cowpea gained one percent to close the week at GHc 9.10 per “olonka.”

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Here’s a chart by Esoko Ghana revealing the closing prices of other food commodities

Tomato Prices Hike