Top 20 Richest Men in Ghana – No.1 Will Leave Your Jaw Dropping!

In recent times, Ghana has been going leaps and bounds towards being recognized in the globe when it comes to wealth and riches. A significant growth has been noticed since 2012 and after that, it has been forward ever. Currently, Ghana’s economy is growing at the commendable rate of 6%. Quite true that Ghanaians are yet to make it to the list of Africa’s Richest or World Richest Men. Meanwhile, I believe there must be a few Ghanaians that would have been ranked among the richest in the world today, because I am not convinced that none of them have exceeded the $1 billion bench mark, rather, it may be that they are not good at broadcasting their worth for public analysis and rankings or that their investments were not made in the target companies of the world since Forbes, the major company that track the rich, estimates the wealth of individuals and rank them based on the value of shares they have in quoted companies (ie companies listed on the stock exchange).

Surprisingly, the people you may be thinking to be the richest in Ghana may not even make this list. Also, who you think is going to top the list may be found at the very last number. Check out….

Here are the Top Richest Ghanaians According to their estimated Net Worth in US Dollars:

20. Alhaji Baba Kamara – ($ 11million)


Alhaji Baba Kamara is the current Ghana National Security Advisor and High Commissioner/Ambassador to Nigeria with concurrent affiliation to the Republics of Cameroon, Chad and Sao Tome & Principe. He is also Ghana’s Permanent Representative to the ECOWAS Commission (2009 to date), and has held so many positions in the Ghana government and politics. He is majorly a politician, and we believe that’s his major source of wealth. In addition to these, he is the Founder/Chief Executive Officer of Kamara Limited (1981-2009), and African Trans Bridging Limited (2003-2009). His estimated net worth is about $11 million.

19. Tony Lithur – (30million)


Mr. Lithur is a sound advocate and negotiator who has advised and assisted a variety of clients both individual and corporate, local and international on various aspects of law. He is the founder and Managing Partner of the law firm, LithurBrew & CompanyTony Lithur was Lead Counsel of President John Mahama in the 2012 presidential electoral petition. He is currently the lawyer for Fortiz, Austro-Invest Management Ltd, and also the lawyer for Engineers and Planners, Merchant Bank’s single largest debtor in Ghana. He is a lawyer by profession and a successful one at that. He has held and still holds official positions in Ghana government and administration. His estimated net worth is $30 million.

18. Mr Kofi Wayo – ($ 30million)

Koffi Wayo

Mr. Kofi Wayo, the “Showman”, as he is called, is a controversial politician and international businessman. His major source of fortune is his merchandise in arms, (specifically, guns and rifles) and oil. He is a self made millionaire who started out early in life.  He is the founder of the United Renaissance Party in Ghana with the hope to contest for the presidential post in the next polls and win the mandate of the people to govern. Current estimates show that he is worth $30 million.

17. Jerry John Rawlings – (50milliom Dollars)


He is a former president of Ghana. He ascended to the presidency in 1993 and served up to 2001. He made his fortune from the several top government positions he has occupied and through his various business deals both locally and internationally. His estimated Net Worth is $50 million.

16. Alfred Woyome – ($75 million)


Alfred Woyome is a famous and prosperous Ghanaian businessman and a former Honorary Vice Consul of Austria to Ghana and a leading member of the National Democratic Congress. Mr. Woyome is said to have made a considerable amount of his wealth as a consultant to the deceased Libyan leader, Muammar Ghadafi in connection with the fallouts of the Lockerbie bombings. He is the founder and owner of Woyome Foundation for Africa which aims at bringing relief to HIV/AIDS sufferers on the continent by offering them anti-retrovirals. Among the companies he owns are Anator Holdings, a group of companies with varied interests across various sectors, and Stewise Group of Companies, with several subsidiaries including a shipping wing, oil and gas, pharmaceuticals and construction.