Nicknamed “Ghana’s Premier Music Site”, is one of the most popular and vibrant music websites in Ghana, offering almost all kinds of audios, videos, and lyrics from Ghanaian and other African musicians. Besides getting all kinds of music, including praise and worship, the site brings you first-hand celebrity news, lyrics and more.

Thus, keeping track of songs on GhanaMotion simply means keeping track of the latest hit songs in Ghana! Now, the BIG QUESTION is – How can one keep track of the songs on this music website? Not to worry; BuzzGhana has got you covered with these simple tips below.

How To Keep Track Of Songs On GhanaMotion

1. Visit The Website

Just like GHxclusive, GhanaMotion offers different types of music genres ranging from secular music such as high-life, Afro Pop, dance hall, hip-life, and reggae to gospel songs and what have you. Selecting a particular genre will list out the newest songs therein. If you already have an artist in mind, you can easily search and see what’s new in their playlist.

Similarly, you need to visit the official website from time to time; possibly, on a daily basis to be able to know the newest releases from Ghanaian musicians. This is because from time to time, GhanaMotion publishes newest and trending tracks from well-known, lesser-known and upcoming stars. So when on the site, check for the latest music update. For more optimum experience, each song on GhanaMotion comes with a few sentences describing the artists and the song. You can also download the songs for free, to boot. To get started, click here and log on to the site at once.

2. Follow GhanaMotion on Social Media Platforms

Another easy and practical way to keep track of latest songs on Ghana’s Premiere Music Site is to follow them on social media. You can like the site on Facebook or follow the GhanaMotion official Twitter handle, and so on.

Why should you do that? GhanaMotion is a big music website that covers everything from music and lyrics to exclusive video contents and mixtapes. This means consistent publishing goes on in the site. As well, the site shares whatever that are being published including brand new music, what’s recently trending, video contents and more on their social media accounts. In many instances, you can play the full song or its snippets through the site’s social media accounts by clicking on a link, if there is any added.

To follow and/or like GhanaMotion on Twitter and Facebook, simply visit the official website and click on each of the two blue boxes on the top right side. With these, you will be able to get latest updates of happenings on the site and ultimately stay in touch with the activities of the music industry in the country and beyond.

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2. Subscribe to Free Newsletters

You may be wondering if subscribing to the site’s newsletter is worth it, well it is pretty necessary. Subscribing to GhanaMotion newsletter is one of the best ways to keep track of events on the music website. As a subscriber, you may not have to border about visiting the site regularly or having to search through endless lists on their website just to find the latest release as you will be receiving updates on new releases free of charge!

Once you subscribe, GhanaMotion will keep sending you a list of new trending songs that will fascinate you. It doesn’t end with listing the songs, the site also gives you links that will take you straight up to the pages where you can download the songs if you wish to do so.

Which other ways would help you stay more abreast of the newest albums than this? To subscribe, simply visit the website and enter your e-mail address on the empty box provided at the down right side of the site. Click on the subscribe button and it’s done!

Trending Songs on GhanaMotion

There are many videos and audios of trending songs on GhanaMotion. The site updates consistently and even at the time of this writing, GhanaMotion users have watched and downloaded thousands of amazing contents from the site. You can have a taste of right away with these latest music releases:

  • Allstar Vibz Mixbag – DJ Mynor
  • Azonto Twipop – BlakkGold
  • Jen Simi – Dr. Sid
  • God’s Time ft. Atumpan – Tutulapato
  • Police ft. Wanlov Kubolor – Pope Skinny