Why You Should Trade On Tonaton And How To Sign Up For Free

Tonaton is a local online shopping place based in Ghana. It is a  classified e-commerce website that runs adverts for a wide variety of products, providing trading opportunities for both buyers and sellers. ‘Tonaton’ is a Twi word which means ‘buy and sell’.

Launched on February 1, 2013, the classifieds and e-commerce website is famed as Ghana’s largest marketplace. At Tonaton, customers are offered the opportunity to select from a wide range of options. As of March 2018, the website sits on the 26th position on Alex rank and this goes a long way toward proving that Tonaton is highly patronized by locals and foreigners.

Things You Can Do on Tonaton.com

1. You can Buy and Sell

Tonaton.com is a website where you can buy and sell almost anything and everything!

It does not specialize in any particular type of product and so has a wide array of categories where different items can be put up for sale; from consumables, home and office wares, wears, health and beauty products, electronics, cars, houses, down to animals and pets, and so many other items.

Both brand new and second-hand items can be bought or sold on the site which is dubbed Ghana’s largest marketplace.

2. You Can Get Jobs on Tonaton as Well 

Tonaton also ranks as one of the most popular websites where you can find your dream job in Ghana. Thousands of jobs are advertised on a daily basis for applicants to make their choices.

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5 Major Reasons Why You Should Choose Tonaton

In as much as some of the services rendered by Tonaton may still be found elsewhere, there are several cool reasons why a trader should choose the site instead of others.

1. Security

Tonaton.com provides users with enhanced online security by requiring physical or electronic ID verification of ad posters on the platform. This is to ensure genuineness. All ads are also carefully reviewed to make sure the quality is up to standard.

2. Speed and Affordability

It takes less than 2 minutes to post an ad on Tonaton.com and an ad is valid on the site for a period of 90 days. You can sign up for a free account and post ads easily every time.

3. Wide Coverage

Tonaton.com has the widest selection of popular second-hand items all over Ghana, which makes it easy to find exactly what you are looking for. The site does not specialize in any specific category but provides more than 50 different categories from which items can be bought or sold.

4. Local Outlook

The best deals are often done with people who live in your own city or on your own street, so on Tonaton.com, it’s easy to buy and sell locally. All you have to do is select your region.

5. Uniqueness and Excellence

The company has been recognized for the following:

  • Excellence in E-commerce; Ghana Auto Awards, Edition I
  • Best Online Oil And Gas Jobs platform; Oil and Gas Awards, Edition II
  • Best Organizational Blog; Blogging Ghana and Social Media Awards, Edition IV
  • Excellence in Product Innovation – Commerce; Technology Impact Awards, Edition

Other unique options on Tonaton include the Buy Now which affords buyers quick door-to-door delivery, as well as pay after receiving an item.

Moreover, you can download the Tonaton.com App on your mobile phone or PC for easier and quicker access.

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How To Sign Up – It’s Free of Charge!

1. Visit www.tonato.com

2. Click on Sign up

3. Click on either Facebook and email sign up

4. Enter your name, email, and password in the spaces provided

5. Click on sign up if you chose the email option

After a successful sign-up, you will only need your email and password to log in on subsequent occasions. Now you can buy, post ads, sell, and apply for jobs. It’s that simple!

How To Post An Ad on Tonaton

Posting an ad on Tonaton requires little or no effort. The basic thing you need to do before you start posting is to log in, after which you are free to upload your ad. Once you log in, simply move to the area where you have a yellow Post Ad button and click the box. If you successfully do this, I assure you, you are a step away from seeing your ad on Tonaton’s timeline.

After you must click the yellow ad button, the next step is to follow the instructions. Please note that it takes less than one hour to review your ad but once this is done, your ad will automatically go live. Also, note that all first-time posters are verified before their ads are approved.