Trainee Nurses Recruitment Resumes as Health Minister Grants Permission To GHS

The trainee nurses recruitment according to the Minister of Health, includes only those who where granted financial clearance in December, 2016.

The Ghana Health Service (GHS), has resumed the recruitment of trainee nurses and other health professionals across the country, after the exercise was suspended in February, 2016. The information was disclosed in a letter from the GHS addressed to all regional health directors on Monday, 20th March, 2017.

Per the letter which was signed by Deputy Director, Peter Obiri-Yeboah, the Minister of Health has granted approval to the Ghana Health Service to resume the trainee nurses recruitment exercise. All regional directors of health are therefore directed to recommence the process of recruiting the health professionals in line with their respective regional criteria.

Graduate trainee nurses, since after the suspension of their postings last year, have been thrown into a state of pandemonium. Following the suspension, there were speculations that government will no longer be posting nursing graduates to work in various health institutions across the country. One of the reports had stated that health graduates will be left to look for jobs on their own as from 2018.

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Since then, the trainee nurses have staged protests upon protests to move the government into resuming their employment exercise to no avail. Watch Unemployed Nurses As They Cry Over Posting Delay [Video].

This new development will therefore be a source of great relief to the distressed nursing trainees who are hoping on the government to put their skills to use. However, the current trainee nurses recruitment according to the Health Minister’s directive, includes only those who where granted financial clearance in December, 2016.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Finance had earlier indicated in a letter dated 11th November 2016, that it has granted financial clearance to a total of 8,634 graduate nurses, midwives and other allied personnel for onward employment by the government.