Video: You Never Expected What the Two Teenage ‘Fornicators’ Have to Say about Obinim’s Public Lashing! See for Yourself

The two flogged teenagers speak on their experience in an interview on OBTV

The boy and the girl who were lashed by Bishop Daniel Obinim at the International God’s Way Church over sexual immorality has finally reacted to the experience. I bet it’s far from what you ever expected!

The two flogged teenagers whose names were given as Eliasu Zakaria -16 and Nhyiraba Gyasiwaa-14, expressed deep appreciation for the public lashing they received from the controversial pastor.

Speaking on OBTV, Eliasu disclosed that he had sex with Justina only once. He also revealed he has been living with the bishop since 8 years. The two flogged teenager who obviously appears to be very happy with the experience said that their father Obinim did the right thing by flogging them publicly because what they did was wrong. They also expressed happiness over the corrective measures and promised never to engage in the act any more. They went ahead to tell all those criticizing Obinim over his action to stop it.

In the same vein, mothers of the two flogged teenagers have also defended Bishop Obinim’s action. One of them even went as far as vowing to lay curses on whomever calls for Obinim’s arrest.

Justina particularly complained that the criticisms being hurled at Obinim for flogging her may end up making him decide not to take care of her any longer.

See video of the interview below:


Founder and General Overseer of the International God’s Way Church, Bishop Daniel Obinim, on Wednesday, August 17 caused an uproar after being seen in a video flogging a helpless pregnant girl and her boyfriend.

The controversial pastor who was angered by the couple’s immoral act which has led to a pregnancy decided to flog the stars out of the two. He lashed the young man on his bare back before turning to the girl flogging her mercilessly with a belt in the full glare of his congregation. Throughout the brutal punishment, Obinim is heard questioning the jobless youngman why he got the girl pregnant when he has no finances for her upkeep and the upbringing of the unborn child. The girl who was unable to stand the flogging attempted to escape, but she was held by of the ushers to enable the bishop mete out more beatings on her buttocks.

After subjecting the two to severe flogging for several minutes, Obinim ordered his junior pastors to remove their belts and dish out more strokes to the couple. Obinim who said that the couple are his wards, claimed that his action was a spontaneous directive from God as the church service was going on. In case you’ve not seen the video of the church flogging yet, view below: