University of Ghana Grade Manipulation: 20 Arrested over Attempt to Hack School Website

A total of 20 persons have been arrested for attempting to hack into the grading system of the University of Ghana, in order to change the test scores of some particular students. The UG grade manipulation attempt was confirmed by the University’s Vice Chancellor, Professor Ebenezer Oduro-Owusu while speaking to Citi News’ Caleb Kudah, as well as the National Union of Presbyterian Students on Sunday.

According to the Vice Chancellor, 20 persons who are not students of the University of Ghana are currently in the custody of the Bureau for National Investigations (BNI), for trying to invade the school’s website in order to help some students change their scores.

Prof Oduro-Owusu indicated that they will never allow the intruders to succeed in using the school website to do business and achieve their selfish gains. He stated that they are currently putting in place, stricter and tighter security measures in the web systems, to forestall any of such attempts anytime in the future; adding that they will have to protect the university’s integrity which is of specific importance to them, at all costs.

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He affirmed to the fact that many students go about seeking out and paying for the services of hackers to have their bad grades manipulated in their favour. He however advised all students to abstain from being used by the criminals as it will not help them. He also warned that any student who is caught or connected to a person that was caught, will be expelled from the school.

“Trials are working perfectly well. If you are caught or somebody is caught and it’s linked to your name, you will leave the university,” he said.

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The VC also indicated that the UG grade manipulation suspects under the BNI’s custody are helping with further investigations into the matter.

Grade Manipulation in Ghana

The issue of grade manipulation in Ghana’s academic institutions has become a worrisome menace to the country’s educational system. Since chances of examination malpractice are becoming much narrower and much more difficult in recent times, students have resorted to manipulating scores after all said and done.

Many students have confessed to paying huge amounts of money to people who claim to or actually help them to change their poor scores for the better. Aside this recent UG grade manipulation attempt, about 10 students at the University of Professional Studies confessed to paying between GH¢1,500 and GH¢4,000 to have their grades changed in 2016.

The academic and social menace is not only prevalent in higher institutions, but is also eating into almost all levels of education as parents stoop so low to bribe personnel at bodies responsible for various examinations, including the BECE, WASSCE, etc., to have their children/wards’ grades changed.

Worse still, teachers in some private schools, in classes as low as the kindergarten, manipulate the scores and positions of their pupils to favour kids from whose parents they receive gifts and other special favours. The situation is really appalling! May God help us.