INCREDIBLE! You Won’t Believe What A Muslim Taxi Driver Did To This Professor

This is a very funny story. It is the kind you don’t even imagine it’s possibility. This is something you would not think about until it happens to you.

Muslims all aver the world are generally known for their total devotion to the dictates of the Qu’ran and also the Prophet Mohammed. They are religiously attached to the the commandment of Allah that it always seems like a “do or die” affair. This is why some of  the Muslim faithfuls have taken to radical Islam – a practice which has been well criticized by prominent Muslim scholars all over the world. 

Professor Øystein Norgeng, a Norwegian professor of petroleum economics at BI has a different story.

The Professor in oil policy travels a lot. That Thursday he was going to Uganda were he would meet with the ambassador – and later hold a press conference therefore he told the taxi driver from Oslo Taxi that he had to get to the Gardermoen airport as soon as possible to which the taxi driver who was a muslim agreed.

Professor O. Noreng
Professor O. Noreng

But rather than head straight to the airport, the taxi driver pulled up by the way, brought out his mat and started observing his prayers, much to the dismay of the professor who was at the time confused as he watched the driver.

“I was absolutely speechless. It was like in a movie. The Taxi driver suddenly stopped the car at Jessheim, and from the trunk he pulled out a prayer mat and puts on his prayer cap. He rolled out the prayer mat in front of the car and begins to pray. In several degrees below freezing,” he said.

When asked how much time did the taxi driver take he said about ten minutes, which enough time for him to miss his flight.

“The taxi was ordered 6:24 and we arrived at at Gardermoen International Airport at 7:11. The whole stop took ten minutes,” he said.

“It is slightly longer than the norm we operate with,” says communications manager Lars Dolva, from Oslo Taxi.

Dolva regrets the incident which he describes as unbelievable, and unfortunate for Oslo Taxi, and Professor Norgeng.

“The driver said that it would only take a few minutes and before I could react, he was out of the car,” says the professor.

On his part, the taxi driver said he was only doing his duty as a muslim.

“I did my duty as a Muslim to Allah, and I will continue to do my duty to Allah,” says the driver.

When they eventually arrived the airport, Norgeng chose to pay, and then ran off into the airport were he was unfortunately told that the check in was closed two minutes ago.

What would you have done if you were in Professor Norgeng shoes?