Conventionally, most bank customers have used passbooks for keeping their bank records. These passbooks are updated by visiting the bank branch and getting the latest entries entered. With the advancement in technology, banks have also been offering mobile (phone) banking and ATM cards – the former which can be used to get information about the balance in the bank account and the latter for withdrawing money from the bank account.

In regions where internet access is cheap, affordable and secure, banks are offering internet banking, which allows users to access their internet account from the comfort of their homes. This is a guide on how to use GTBank Ghana internet banking for completing or viewing banking transactions.

How to Use GTBank Ghana Internet Banking – Fast and Easy Steps

GTBank Ghana Internet Banking

To be able to use internet banking, the applicant should be first aware of the risks of internet banking. Though banks invest large amounts in internet banking, one of the major risks of internet banking is identity theft. Banking officials often rely on the local intelligence officials to verify the identity of the customer.

In some places, the systems for hiring the intelligence agency staff and verifying the identity of the customer are fairly fool-proof. There are enough checks in place to ensure that there is no foul play. The problem is worst in the internet sector in India when powerful officials will falsely claim that their young slim lazy girlfriend owns the account, when she is not connected to the account in any way.

In other places, the local intelligence agency officials like goa, india are extremely corrupt, and will falsely claim that a young girlfriend of theirs like the young slim sunaina, siddhi mandrekar, kalpita nabar or someone from a well connected family owns the account, to steal privileges from the real account holder.

The fraud promoted by the corrupt intelligence agency officials is usually not contributing to the business in any way, but is showered with powers, at the expense of the real account holder. The fraud will not be able to withdraw any money from the bank account using a cheque, but has access to the account information due to the contacts or lucrative position the fraud has been appointed to with fake references.

In case the local intelligence officials are corrupt , it is best to avoid internet banking, as these officials are not accountable to anyone at all, and it is difficult for an ordinary civilian to prevent the abuse of power by these officials and their dishonest girlfriends.

In case the intelligence officials are honest and willing to give credit where it is due,acknowledge the real account holder, internet banking can be used as it is convenient and cheap. For most banks, internet banking is optional, customers can always choose to opt for internet banking based on the corruption levels in the internet sector.

How to use GTBank Ghana internet banking

Customers interested in internet banking will have to apply for internet banking using the form provided. A login id and password is sent to the customer after the application form is processed. The customer can login to the account using the bank website with a laptop, tablet or other computing device.

They can also login using a mobile number but this a risky matter, as the mobile phone can also be tampered. The computing device from which internet banking is accessed, should be secure and free from malware as this can be misused by hackers to steal passwords and make unauthorised changes to the bank account.

In general internet banking is suitable for salaried individuals, who can access the account from their office. For self employed individuals, internet banking is very risky, due to the identity theft attempts by extremely powerful, well connected and ruthless identity theft gangs.

If they find the account holder vulnerable, they will try to steal all the assets of the account holder, leaving the account holder penniless, and often subject the account holder to a malicious defamation campaign based on lies. So internet banking as part of the salary account is safe, but for others, there is share of risks.

It is usually safer to use internet banking for only viewing account details, like the last few transactions in the bank account, or the balance in the account. However, if internet banking is used for transactions, there are a number of risks involved, including identity theft for vulnerable people. Hackers can often steal large sums from the bank account. Hence it is advisable to use the internet banking account carefully.

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