I Need Not Waste Taxpayers’ Money ‘Accounting to the People’ for them to See the Works I’m Doing – Nduom

Papa Kwesi Nduom have back-lashed president Mahama over his ‘Accounting to the People’ Tour. The Progressive People’s Party Flag bearer has said that he need not use taxpayers’ money accounting to the people from region to region for Ghanaians to know he has been working.

Although Paa Nduom never mentioned names, he glaringly criticized the president’s tour across the country which he tagged ‘Accounting to the People’.

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Speaking in an interview on Citi Breakfast Show, Kwesi Nduom said he has been working in Ghana since 2012, especially in the area of creating employment opportunities, adding that he knows what is obtainable across the country even without having to carry out an official tour as the president is doing.

“I can’t go out and use taxpayers’ money accounting to the people; campaigning as somebody has been doing. I don’t have to go around the country to rediscover Ghana like somebody has been doing. Since 2012, I have been going to all the districts creating jobs so I have been around and I know where everything is in Ghana and what the situation is.”

We are well aware that Nduom, together with the opposition New Patriotic Party are among the prominent critics of Mahama’s Accounting to the People Tour. They had accused the President of abusing his leadership position by using taxpayers’ money to embark on electioneering in the name of ‘Accounting to the People’.

Speaking further, Paa Nduom revealed that his current presidential aspiration will be the last. Emphasizing his economic skills and ability to fix Ghana’s economic problems, he said that this will be the last chance he will give to Ghanaians to choose ‘the person who can do the job’. Nduom stated categorically that if Ghanaians fail to make the right choice this time, he will give way for the younger generation, having done all he can for them.