Video: Ghanaian Footballer Mohammed Anas Accidentally Thanked His Wife & Girlfriend in Post-Match Interview 

The media is falling apart as Ghanaian footballer Mohammed Anas, who won the man of the match in a recent match, committed a major error in an exclusive interview when he thanked his wife and girlfriend at the same time.

Following his two goals score for his team – South African Premier Division match, Free State Stars, in the 2-2 with Ajax Cape Town – Anas, during an interview with Super Sports host, said:

Thank you for this, I appreciate my fans, my wife and my girlfriend. 

Realizing his slip of tongue, the 22-year old Ghanaian striker backtracked in the most grovelling of ways, repeating over and over again how much he loves his wife, saying:

I mean my wife! Sorry to say, I’m so sorry, my wife.

I love you so much. I love you so much from my heart.

Twitter users had made a caricature of what they considered the most hilarious blunder.

Lord have mercy!