Wa Central MP, Rashid Pelpuo Rebukes Bawumia For Ordering Desk For Kperisi School

Wa Central MP, Rashid Pelpuo has rebuked the running mate of New Patriotic Party NPP’s Flagbearer, Bawumia for making moves to provide desks for the pupils of Kperisi Primary School in the Wa constituency.

Mr Rashid has called the act by Bawumia irresponsible, saying he was only trying to boost his political image and is not really interested in the welfare of the pupils.

The Wa Central MP maintains that Bawumia should have found out why there were no desks in the school in the first place, before going ahead of the government to make provisions and replace them.

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Bawumia had on February 27, affirmed he was going to order 500 desks for pupils in Kperisi school who have to sit on the bare floor to learn, after word about the school’s learning condition broke into the media.

However, the government supplied the much-needed desks to the school on February 29, three  days after Bawumia said he ordered the 500 desks. Bemoaning Bawumia’s move, the Wa Central MP said;

He should not play to the gallery. He should not pretend that money is in the pocket of politicians and we go around with it and we doll out to people. He did not show a clear example of a good leader,” he said.

He continued that;

He didn’t also show that he can take government on. The government is represented by the city authorities, the mayor or the chief executives of those areas. So if you go there and you find out that there is something wrong, talk to them, let the journalists follow you, show responsibility, he didn’t show any of that. What he said was that I’m going to get money for you, I’m going to get you 500 furniture is a lot of irresponsibility”.

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It had earlier been reported in Joy News that the pupils in Kperisi Primary school in the Upper East Region had no desks for learning and had resorted to lying on the bare floor to learn. According to reports, Bawumia made a brief stop at the school to see the condition for himself. He however informed the headmistress of the school, Rosina Diedong that he had ordered 500 desks for the school.

Now however, speculations are ripe with many thinking he was already aware that government was bringing desks and just wanted to make the promise to boost his image knowing fully well that before the desks he ordered arrived, government would have given the school desks.

On the other hand, some think there is more to the desks brought in by the government. That someone engineered the bringing of the desks within three days in a bid to out-do Bawumia.