‘Wake Up For Change’ – Ayariga Charges ‘Suffering’ Ghanaians

The new Ayariga’s All People’s Congress in preparation for future campaigns ahead of the November elections, has assured Ghanaians that his APC is the answer to their problems. The party which was given a provisional certificate last week by the Electoral Commission (EC) has urged Ghanaians to support them at the elections come November.

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Ayariga who addressed a press conference on Tuesday said that the country needed change and that they have come to actualize it.

”If we are not suffering we won’t be demanding for change. Ghana is suffering and Ghana is suffering because you the good ones are quiet, not because the bad ones are leading.

The moment we begin to understand that we are part of why Ghana is suffering we will say enough is enough and wake up and do the right thing but if we sit down and allow them to be doing whatever they want to do believing that there is not anybody who can tell them that enough is enough, you must change,” he said.

He said he is representing the suffering masses who are yearning for change and that the people needed to act fast for change to be actualized in Ghana. Although the party is yet to get a final certificate from the EC, Ayariga thanked the EC and assures that APC would play by the rules and the dictates of the EC.

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He also said his party would help create the needed political platform for achieving great success in the positive governance of the country. Not leaving the youths out, he said his government was equally to focus on youth empowerment and that it would help stimulate development efforts of the youth and those with progressive ideas.

Hassan Ayariga was a member of the PNC before he left to form APC. Facts have it that he was the 2012 presidential candidate of the PNC.