Revealed: Water Bills Increased Up To 140%, And Not 67.2% As Agreed

It has been revealed according to Business finder that water bills were actually increased by 140 percent and not the agreed 67.2 percent. The Public Utilities Regulatory Commission (PURC) had announced in December, 2015 that the prices increased by 67.2 percent, but it appears that what is obtainable is different from what was agreed.

This has however sparked agitations among consumers. They are demanding that the right increment be applied. Some have also accused Water Company of cheating Ghanaians.

So many Consumers at East Legon, Adenta, Haatso and its surrounding areas in Accra, have attempted to resist the absurdly high bills. Some of these consumers are saying they would rather buy water at a cheaper price from mobile water tankers.

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In January 2016, water bills had shown a 140 percent increment for residential users. The water board had stated then that consumers charged for a flat bill are paying  GHc130.66 compared to December 2015 of GHc102. But, before then, they were paying GHc52 per month for a flat bill.

David Yeboah of Adenta Housing Down Estates told a reporter how disappointed he was with Ghana Water Company, blaming it for the high tariffs. He added that the increase in water bill would affect other sectors of the economy.

However, the Public Relations department of the Ghana Water Company Limited at the moment, has not said anything concerning the issue.

There had been different increments in utility tariffs across the country including electricity and water since December last year. This culminated in the demonstration by Organised labour nationwide, with workers protesting against the sky rocketed utility tariffs.

However, that of electricity has been reduced to 50 percent from 59 percent after several protests by organized labour. For that of water, consumers are hoping that the issue will be revisited by the government.