‘We Won’t Let You Disrupt Electoral Process’ – Police Tells Vigilante Groups

As the 2016 elections draw near, all hands are on deck to ensure a peaceful, free and fair election in the state. The police is not left out in this quest. According to a recent statement, the police has revealed its plans to disperse all security or vigilante groups made to protect political parties in the country.

The police say their move to dissolve them would be one of the ways they plan to ensure peaceful elections. The so-called pseudo security groups are said to be known for obstructing police procedures with regards to electoral processes. The police said this using the Azorka boys, and Bulga Bulldogs as examples. The aforementioned groups are said to be the vigilante groups for the two main political parties, National Democratic Party (NDC) and New Patriotic Party (NPP) respectively.

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The police however have expressed their dissatisfaction towards these groups especially as it pertains to the Talensi by-election held in the Upper East region in 2015. The groups were said to have disrupted electoral process during the election by engaging in violence which also led to their destroying of electoral materials.

To this effect, the acting Inspector General of Police (IGP), John Kudalor in a recent statement, has said that steps are being taken by the police to resist the rivaling interference from these vigilante groups. He expatiated on this by saying that a special task force would be formed to dissolve these groups. He also stressed that any of the groups who disregards the disbandment or goes against the laws to continue to operate would be brought to book.

The use of these vigilante groups by political parties are said to pose threats to the orderliness of the electoral process and also the security of the citizens. The Bulldogs are reported to have engaged their forces in a violent showdown at the NPP’s headquarters over issues concerning the indefinite suspension of the then NPP national chairman Paul Afoko in October 2015. This can be used as a point in case to describe the many escapades of these vigilante groups.

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