Media Mogul Wereko Brobby Disagrees With Mahama On Media Sabotage Accusations

Wereko Brobby speaks about media relations with politicians, following Mahama’s accusations against the media

Dr. Charles Wereko-Brobby, has reacted to Mahama’s accusation against the media, of sabotaging his transformation messages to the people. The veteran media practitioner in his response to the claims, said that such messages are instead being blocked by arrogance shown by government communicators who waste media spaces given them.

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Wereko Brobby explained that, there never has been a time when media deprives any politician of putting his message out to the public. Wereko Brobby speaks about media relations with politicians, following President Mahama’s accusations against the media.

President Mahama during an interview with Ovation Magazine, lamented that a group of people in the media have made it a point of duty, to block messages about his achievements, thereby preventing such from reaching the public. According to the President; “as much as you are putting out the information, it is either being blocked or distorted,” making it difficult for people to discern the truth.

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But Dr. Wereko Brobby has trashed Mahama’s claims, bringing to light what really goes on the media. Wereko Brobbey who is also a chief policy analyst at the Ghana Institute for Public Policy Options (GIPPO), noted that the era of media censorship has ended hence, government cannot control what media houses disseminate.

He explained that since government has no such control over the media, it can hardly influence it into practising partisanship in its reporting. He pointed out that the so called cabal in the media, as Mahama described them, give opportunities to all groups of supporters of political contenders to speak their mind.

He went further to say that most of the times these political communicators when given the opportunity, uses it to insult and criticise at their opponents instead of selling their message and their achievements. This he explained to be the actual reason why Mahama thinks his transformation message has not been reaching the public.