Ridiculous! Desperate Lover Relocates to Accra in Search of Sarkodie, to Marry Him [Video]

The love-struck woman relocates from Kumasi to Accra because of her burning love for the popular rapper and her determined desire to tie the knots with him…

According to Daily Guide reports, a woman believed to be in her early forties has relocated to Accra with all her belongings with the sole purpose of proposing marriage to Sarkodie, and live happily ever after with him.

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The woman who gave her name as Obaa Yaa said she is a resident of Kumasi, the capital of Ashanti Region. According to her, the undying love  she has for Sarkodie’s music made her fall madly in love with the Rap King.

Consequently, the love-struck woman relocates from Kumasi to Accra in search of the popular rapper, with a determined desire to tie the knots with him. But, after it dawned on her that it was impossible to have access to Sarkodie despite her desperate moves, Obaa Yaa decided to leave a message for him in a video recording which has since gone viral on social media. Her words:

“Sarkodie, my name is Obaa Yaa. I came from Kumasi to meet you, but they said I can’t see you because you have traveled. I came with all my belongings to discuss marriage… I have told them all my problems, hence am going back to Kumasi. However, you can find me at Sokoban New Site, Anwia Nkanta”.

Obaa Yaa, the Sarkodie-lover with her bag and baggage!

When asked if she had met with the Illuminati hit-maker or had a conversation with him before her sojourn to Accra, she said,

“No. I have not seen Sarkodie one- on-one before, but I love him. I’m ready to marry him if he agrees to marry me.”

Obaa Yaa also said she is a business woman and a Fante from Cape Coast in the Central Region.

Watch Video below: