Wontumi’s Lack of Fluency: What The NPP Chairman Said About His Inability To Speak Good English Will Amaze You!

Chairman Wontumi’s lack of fluency in English has always attracted tons of ridicule from his audience on several occasions…

The New Patriotic Party’s Chairman of the Ashanti Region, Bernard Antwi Boasiako aka Chairman Wontumi has responded to the series of ridicule he has been receiving for his inability to speak good English. Wontumi on his lack of fluency in the English language, expressed nonchalance, saying that the language does not put food on his table.

The NPP Ashanti Regional Chairman said that not having a good command of the English Language has never been a hindrance to his success in life, but has on the contrary, made him to work harder to achieve excellence anywhere he finds himself.

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Speaking on Asempa FM’s Ekosii Sen programme on Monday, Chairman Wontumi said that he understands the English Language, although he cannot speak it fluently.

Mr. Boasiako who usually prefer to use pidgin English aside the local language, stated that he is not perturbed when people ridicule him for using that version, commonly referred to as ‘broken English’.

“I understand English, but I can’t speak fluently and I’m not bothered when people laugh at me because it does not pay my bills,” Wontumi said.

The NPP Chairman further pointed out that as a successful businessman, he can comfortably afford the services of interpreters and speech writers to bridge any gap created by his deficiency in the English language.

This is however, not the first time Bernard Antwi Boasiako is reacting to not speaking the ‘educated’ version of the English language. Before he became Chairman of the NPP in Ashanti, arguments had arisen on his level of education, with many tagging him illiterate.

But the tough and energetic 41-year-old rubbished the claims, insisting that he is highly educated both in Ghana and subsequently in London, but does not need to speak English flawlessly in order to deliver his responsibilities to the people.

From these reactions, it is clear that Wontumi’s lack of fluency in the English language does not bug him at all; so anybody who goes on pouring the spit at him may as well be wasting his or her time and saliva.