Worawora Hospital’s First Quadruplets: 5 Striking Things About The Special Birth

Worawora Hospital had the privilege of delivering her first ever quadruplets after an expectant mother was referred to the government hospital from the Jasikan Hospital, all in the Volta Region of Ghana.

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5 Striking Things about Worawora Hospital’s First Quadruplets

1. They Were Delivered of a 19-year-old Farmer

It is really striking to note that the trending quadruplets delivered at Worawora hospital were that of a 19-year-old subsistence farmer from Bodada in the Jasikan District of the Volta region.

2. She was Hypertensive

The young expectant mother first went to the Jasikan District Hospital, but was referred to the Worawora Government Hospital after she was placed on anti-hypertensive.

3. The Quadruplets were Delivered Through CS

The quadruplets were successfully delivered through Caesarean Section by a team of medical professionals led by Dr Micah Duke Boye.

4. Doctors were Expecting Triplets

According to the Acting Medical Superintendent of Worawora Government Hospital, Dr Isaac Tettey Secorm, all scans throughout the pregnancy showed three foetuses.

The doctors were never aware of a fourth baby until after the delivery of the third baby. It was in the surgeon’s attempt to remove the placenta that he touched a membrane which ruptured, and hurrah, it was another baby!!!

5. They are all Girls

The four babies are all girls, and according to Dr Secorm, they are all healthy and will soon be discharged.

Worawora Hospital was built about 60 years ago in the Jasikan District of the Volta Region by the German missionaries. The hospital was however, taken over by the government in later years for better care and maintenance.