Ghanaian Workers Demonstrate Over Abuse By Turkish Bosses

On Thursday, the workers demonstrated to bemoan the unfair treatments meted out to them by their Abusive Turkish Bosses

ARDA Group Company, a Turkish company based in Akim Oda in the Eastern Region secured a contract to undertake water projects and related infrastructural works at Akim Oda, Winneba and Cape Coast. They have been operating in the country for the past three years. Ghanaian workers of the Turkish company have been complaining over the unfair treatment by the their employers.

On Thursday, the workers demonstrated to bemoan the unfair treatments meted out to them by their Abusive Turkish Bosses. The protesting workers were urged to remain calm as the Turkish company is working for the good of Ghana as a whole, but the aggrieved workers remained adamant.

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One of the employers, Mustapha Aziz Amando, who is the Deputy Project manager, was accused by the workers of regularly assaulting the workers for no tangible reason. Among many accusations, the workers claim they have been grossly maltreated by their employers. One of the workers also recalled an incident where an employee was beaten for placing a machine where it wasn’t supposed to be. The employee was accused of planning with outsiders to steal from the company.

The workers also complained of irregular salaries. They said their salary is never stable despite the fact they are made to work odd hours. The workers who complained of exploitation in so many ways, fumed that they are not given appointment letters which make the employers issue ridiculous conditions of work on them.

Apart from the Abusive Turkish Bosses, the issue of unfair treatment including physical abuse on Ghanaiann workers by foreign employers have become a trending problem in recent times. One of them is the bizarre incident of an Italian expatriate of Trades Union Congress (TUC) who allegedly chained one of his Ghanaian employees to a container in the hot sun because he failed to complete a task assigned him.

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Also, there was the incident of a Ghanaian employee of the Peterpan Restaurant in Accra, who was slapped with a piece of hot pizza by her Korean employer. The woman reportedly resigned from the firm after the incident.