Yaw Siki Turns Down Sonnie Badu’s Offer To Assist Him Financially

Surprisingly, Hip life artiste turned evangelist Yaw Siki, has turned down Sonny Badu’s offer to assist him financially. Ghanaian born UK based gospel artiste, Sonnie Badu had opted to help him after he transitioned from hip life music to evangelism. He has also revealed his reason for turning down the offer to be that the UK based artiste chose to make his offer public rather than contact him privately.

Buttressing his reason with quotes from the scriptures, he said it was not ideal for people to make their charitable works known to the public just to be praised on earth. Though he acknowledged the fact that Sonnie Badu’s motive might not have been to receive earthly praises, he said it was not right for him to make it public.

The new evangelist, admitting that life is no more easy for him maintained his stand on his decision, saying that his Christian beliefs does not support the act and hence he could not accept the offer. However he appreciated Sonnie Badu’s wish to assist him.

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The Young Siki decided to quite hip life music after he survived a fatal accident which nearly claimed his life in 2013, at Tema Motorway. He attributed his survival to God giving him a second chance to turn a new leaf. According to him, the fateful accident left him bed ridden for 3 months during which he had a deep sober reflection about his life.

Admitting he knows his new lifestyle will not appeal to many, he continued that he has tasted both worlds and has discovered one which is better for his soul. Yaw Siki whose real name is Isaac Okai, is now an Evangelist and preaches in commercial buses and other places in Tema Metropolis. He now makes a living from the offering he receives.

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Sonnie offered to support Yaw Siki on social media few days after Yaw Siki revealed in an interview with Hitz News that he now makes a living from offertory he receives after preaching in commercial buses