You Will Love Okyeame Kwame’s Views On Infidelity In Marriage 

Popular Ghanaian musician Okyeame Kwame has revealed what most men would rather not discuss in public – their marital affairs and stance on infidelity in marriage.

Besides his recent claim that he had only fought with his wife once during their seven-year marriage, the rap doctor (as he is nicknamed) confessed that the only reason he will ever cheat on his wife is if he is mentally deranged.

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I will only cheat on my wife if I’m mad and if that is to happen then I will ask for my head to be dissected and checked properly,” he told Kasapa TV’s ‘Pae Mu Ka’ .

This will never happen because one thing we all have to realise is that relationships are more important than sex. Children, values, family and extended families are involved which makes it a very delicate situation. 

According to the ‘Mere Twen Wo’ singer, he prefers avoiding scandals attached to extra marital affairs which can bare extreme consequences on his personality and career.

I didn’t want a situation where I may have to be dealing with social media repercussions because of extra marital affairs, he continued.

Let’s take a situation where I meet a girl in America only to find out the next morning that she put my picture on Facebook, and then my wife gets to find out, I’ m sure you can imagine what the consequences will be.

I don’t wish to be going to court and putting my children’s future in jeopardy since it is not the right way of life.

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Talk about every woman’s dream man. Some might say his wife is a lucky woman because not many men or even women share Okyeame Kwame’s views on the moral values which bind a man and his wife to remain faithful until death separates them.

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