You Won’t Believe Sakawa Boys Do All These To Maintain Their Luxurious Lifestyle [Photos]

Sakawa is a widespread practice in Ghana which combines modern internet-based fraud practices with traditional Akan religious rituals. It is just the local name for internet scam. It is so rampantly used nowadays to the extent that even kids would understand what you are talking about just at the mention of the word.

Internet scam in Ghana has really metamorphosed into a very serious and lucrative business. Popularly known as Sakawa boys in Ghana, they do not succeed only with the combination of wits, persuasion, subtlety, expertise and intelligence which are the normal characteristics of internet scamming; they also use some kinds of ‘abracadabra’. I mean ‘juju’ or call it ‘voodoo’. The extent to which this underground business has grown in Ghana is quite alarming. The worst part of it is that they are making it as well as getting away with it. They ride costly cars, go out with charming ladies, and live in luxury houses. But mind you, they are not finding it easy. As I mentioned earlier, they go into several strange acts in order to succeed. To confirm what we are saying, check out these 15 unthinkable photos showing their weird and bizarre lifestyle.

Snake used for Money Magic And other Diabolical Things


Fetish Marks on the Head of a Sakawa Boy to enable him Mesmerize Potential Victims Online


Boy Holding a Money Making JuJu


A Shrine that Facilitates Their Atrocities


This is Official: Sakawa Boys at Work [Both at the Office and from Home]


Can You Imagine? No be Today Things o!


Sakawa Boys Caught with Stolen Laptops


Bizarre Ritual For Success and Money Making


After this, the Laptop is Sure to Produce Money


Evil Money Everywhere: A Sakawa Boy Feeling his “Hard-earned Money”.


Sakawa Big Boyz posing in Front of their Flashy Cars


The Big Boyz having nice Time with their girlfriends