Yvonne Nelson: TellTale Signs The Beautiful Actress May Go Into Politics

A close analysis of stories relating to Yvonne Nelson and Politics raises hopes that the actress may well venture into that field of endeavour.

Popular Ghanaian actress, film producer, and entrepreneur, Yvonne nelson is one of the most talented, beautiful, and admired artistes in Ghana and beyond.

Aside acting, Yvonne is a very hardworking business woman – she has a hairline, a fashion shop called YN’s Closet with latest designer wears sourced from all around the world and YN Productions which has movie credits. Yvonne is the producer of the award winning movie, If Tomorrow Never Comes.

Yvonne Nelson and Politics – Signs she is Eyeing the Game

Once in a while, stories bordering on Yvonne Nelson and politics pop up and go away unnoticed. But after a critical trailing of the related events, one could confidently say that the actress really fancies that field of endeavour, and may one day join the boat. Below are clear events reflecting Yvonne Nelson’s interest in Politics:

Dumsor Must Stop Campaign


On 6th May, 2015 Yvonne Nelson led a peaceful vigil tagged DumsorMustStop. The Actress took it upon herself to mobilise other Ghanaian celebrities, to add more volume to the voices of the masses in protests against the electricity crisis prevailing in Ghana at the time. The hashtag #dumsormuststop subsequently became a tag popularly used on social media to amplify the concerns of Ghanaians with regards to the energy crisis.

Considering the way the DumsorMustStop campaign shook Ghana then, it becomes indisputable that Miss Melson is really having some [political] leadership blood flowing in her veins.

Best Friend also a Politician


Even if you do not know anything about Yvonne Nelson and Politics, you cannot deny knowing anything about Yvonne Nelson and John Dumelo.

Based on what is known, fellow actor, John Dumelo is Yvonne Nelson’s bosom friend, and Dumelo is evidently a partisan politician. His active role in the pre-election campaigns of the National Democratic Congress, especially that of 2016 elections is well known to all. Moreover, the actor has indicated interest in vying for the presidential post in future.

See: Dumelo Reveals Ambition To Contest For Presidency [Video]

For you to know how serious Yvonne takes political matters – she parted ways with John for a year over political matters. However, the duo made up sometime in 2016. See “Even Politics Couldn’t Break Us” for details.

General Interest in Government


It has been observed that Miss Nelson has a general interest in the activities of the government of the day, unlike some other Ghanaian actresses. Although the actress has stated that politics is a “no go area” for her as it is full of lies, it remains a proven fact that one can only notice what is going on in what he or she is interested in! According to Yvonne, “There are too many lies in politics and that is what puts politics and myself further apart because I am not good at telling lies and there is too much of that in there…” However, her constant reactions and comments on political matters only makes us understand she is interested.

Another good example of this stance is when she called on the Mahama government to pay attention to entertainers. The actress who has the welfare of the Ghana Entertainment Industry at heart, pointed out that various setbacks being recorded is as a result of governments neglect of the industry. She lamented that government has rather embraced sports (especially football) more than the entertainment industry (Music and movies), which is the mirror through which the world relates with Ghana.

Finally! – The BBC Interview

yvonne nelson and politics
Yvonne Nelson and Politics

Just last Wednesday, Yvonne Nelson in an interview on BBC’s Focus On Africa, said she is “still thinking about it [politics]”. This was in response to the question – if she will venture into politics in future. Although the beauty yet again registered her dislike for politics, the “I am still thinking about it” can’t be left unnoticed.

About Yvonne Nelson

Yvonne Nelson is one of Ghana’s most influential personalities with enviable media following and records. She is popularly known as the actress whose acting career came by chance! This is because, she was never originally interested in acting but landed into the field through someone she met accidentally that convinced her.

Yvonne won a beauty pageant while she was still in junior high school. It was the exposure from the beauty pageant, that earned her a two-year contract as face of Maxim Cosmetics, and also a role in the TV series Fortune Island, where her acting career began. See 10 Lesser Known Facts About Yvonne Nelson for more information.

The actress is expected to release the season two of hers production series called Heels & Sneakers this year.