Pay Attention to Ghanaian Entertainers! – Yvonne Nelson to Gov’t

Actress Yvonne Nelson rebukes government for neglecting Ghana’s entertainment industry.

Beautiful actress Yvonne Nelson has called on government to pay more attention to entertainers across the country. In her recent interview, the actress cum movie producer, gave one of the reasons behind the seeming backwardness in the Ghanaian entertainment industry to be government’s negligence of pertinent issues affecting it.

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The “If Tomorrow Never Comes” actress,  in a chat with MzGee on Hitz FM, gave many factors she thinks are killing the Ghanaian movie industry. Naming some of the impeding factors, Miss Nelson mentioned piracy, as a major factor contributing to the slow growth of the movie industry.

Speaking further, Yvonne Nelson rebukes government for its leniency and lackadaisical attitude towards the issue, which has so robbed stakeholders of their deserved reward and as well, chasing away investors. She explained that movie makers obtained money in return for labour from CD sales years back, but the continuous illegal production of movies in recent times, make producers run at loss.

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Yvonne Nelson pointed out that the gradual extinction of CDs and DVDs, have also given rise to piracy in the industry. She pleaded with government to construct theaters and cinemas in each region to help movie makers showcase their works. The actress after making the plea, subsequently doubted its significance; saying that since government does not respect entertainers in the country, her request will not be taken serious.

She lamented that government has rather embraced sports (especially football) more than the entertainment industry (Music and movies), which is the mirror through which the world relates with Ghana.

Another actress who shares the same opinion with Yvonne Nelson, is Bibi Bright. Bibi Bright in some of her interviews have called on the Ghanaian government to pay attention to the entertainers.