“Even Politics Couldn’t Break Us” – Yvonne and Dumelo Reconcile In The Most Passionate Way!

Finally! After one long year of parting ways, Yvonne Nelson reconciles with her boo, John Dumelo. The most interesting thing about their reconciliation story is the passionate way Yvonne Nelson reconciles with Dumelo. It is so lovely that you’re sure to be touched.

Ghanaian actors, Yvonne Nelson and John Dumelo who have sparked dating rumours time and again got into a fight last year after the actress reportedly called out the actor for not taking sides with her in a protest against the poor power situation in their country.

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Nelson had staged a protest against Mahama over poor power supply (aka Dumsor), but her BFF was nowhere to be found to support her. Sensing that Dumelo seems to be a loyal Follower of the president, Yvonne allegedly accused John on social media of kissing the President’s a**. Consequently, she deleted all their pictures together from her Instagram page. This didn’t augur well with the actor who also took to Twitter to lash out at her. And that was the end.

However, after one long year of silence Yvonne Nelson reconciles with her bestie. Posting a very romantic photo of John planting a kiss on her cheek, Yvonne wrote,

“Even Politics couldn’t break us #bestfriend????”

Even Politics couldn't break us #bestfriend????

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Below is a filter snap-chat video of herself and John which she also posted on Instagram. Don’t you think the duo would make a prefect couple?

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The JoVon effect ????

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Meanwhile, John Dumelo also posted a complementing photo of Yvonne planting a kiss on his cheek. He attached a long passionate note to his. Dumelo’s post reads:

“We might have different political ideologies. Our views might be different on many subjects, but at the end of the day we need to set a good example to people. Peace is one of the things I preach when I tour Ghana. So how can I preach peace when I’m not at peace with my friends? What example am i setting.

God forbid but if your friend you don’t talk to dies, what will u go and say at the burial? Are you even going to attend the burial?

What at all do we achieve when we say we don’t want to talk to someone again? Doesn’t God forgive us when we sin? Yet we can’t forgive our Neighbour when they go wrong. We are our own enemies.

We create our own problems. Let’s all reach out to those we have issues with. Let’s just pick the phone and send a message. Put your pride aside.

Together, we can move like a force! Great seeing u yday @yvonnenelsongh ‪#‎melomoment‬”

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Fans are very glad the two love birds are back together! They sure have missed their love-struck posts and photos all these while.