Zimbabwe: Country’s VP Sacked For Allegedly Betraying President Mugabe

Zimbabwe – The reported death threats and unbearable condemnations seem to have gotten the best of sacked Zimbabwean VP Emmerson Mnangagwa who has flown away from the country.

President Robert Mugabe, 93, accused his former deputy of plotting to take power from him. This was after the exiled politician issued a direct challenge to the nation’s long-ruling leader Robert Mugabe and his wife Grace.

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Mugabe’s leading Zanu PF party expelled the former vice president on Wednesday, October 9, 2017. Speaking to his supporters, the oldest African President spoke about Mnangagwa’s wish for him (Mugabe) to die or resign so that he can take over.

He called his former deputy a conspirator and warned that he was planning to poison the minds of other party members.

Mnangagwa Responds

Though he did not comment in person, a long angry statement signed by the sacked Zimbabwean VP let out Mnangagwa’s lamentations concerning the present conspiracy system adopted by Mugabe and his wife in the ruling party – ZANU PF.

The ex-vice president said he is in South Africa, said he left because he and his family were threatened by Mugabe who fired him for being “disloyal”. He went ahead to explain that he was a victim of condemnation by the President and his wife – the first family.

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According to him, the leading Zanu PF is now “controlled by undisciplined, egotistical and self-serving minnows who derive their power not from the people and party but from only two individuals in the form of the First Family”

In the five-page statement, exiled Mnangagwa fumed that the ruling ZANU-PF is not a personal property for him and his wife emphasizing on his imminent return to Zimbabwe to lead the party members.

Mnangagwa was the leading contender to succeed 93-year-old Mugabe, but his abrupt removal appeared to clear the way for the president’s wife Grace to take over as president.

Mrs. Mugabe had been pushing for the removal of the vice-president, referring to him as a snake that “must be hit on the head.” She is now expected to be appointed vice-president at a special congress of the ruling ZANU-PF party next month.

Robert Mugabe, who is 93 going on 94 has ruled the country for 29 years – from 1987 and is due to stand in elections again next year.