Kaymu Ghana

Online shopping has together with technological advancements and widespread internet usage, gained prominence in the world of business, leading to the creation of various electronic marketing platforms in recent times. Kaymu Ghana (kaymu.com.gh) is one of the online marketplaces that have sprung up to meet the growing need for internet marketing. It is an e-commerce website where buyers and sellers can meet and make the best deals for used or new products ranging from different types of wears and wares to books, unique collectibles, and gift items.

Why Choose Kaymu?

Below are some of the unique features of Kaymu Ghana that makes it preferable to other e-commerce websites:

It’s Safe!

With SafePay, an escrow service whereby buyers pay directly to Kaymu for items bought plus the cost of delivery and sellers send item purchased to the buyer before receiving the money from Kaymu, transactions are almost 100% safe on Kaymu for everyone.

Also, Tigo Cash which is one of Kaymu’s major means of payment is an easy, safe and affordable way to send cash or make payments from your phone and, it allows cross network payments.

It’s Easy and Fast!

In addition to other common features that make doing business on Kaymu a joy, is its easy-to-use and fast mobile app designed to make buying and selling easier and more convenient. The app has features that enable sellers list products and buyers to select from a wide variety of products at a glance. The app is available for download on Android devices from the Google Play Store.

It’s Free and Cheap! 

For the seller, selling on Kaymu is free; and for the buyer, it is cheap. Kaymu enables businesses and individuals to sell items at no additional cost. Sellers can set up a ‘shop’ using the online service while the system uses fixed prices. Sellers can also sell products via auctions. Moreover, small to medium scale businesses can market their products and services globally while cutting down the expense of marketing, advertising, and staffing.

Buying and Selling on Kaymu Ghana

To buy on Kaymu Ghana, just visit the website. You can search for the specific item you want to buy through the search box at the top of the site, search through categories or browse through ads to find what you are looking for. You can also search by price, date, color, size, depending on the product you want to purchase.

Once you find the desired item, click on the buy now button and provide all the required information. Then choose to pay electronically or to pay on delivery and confirm your order. You will either have to pick up the good(s) you ordered or have it delivered at your doorstep, depending on your choice.

To sell on Kaymu, you just have to click on the register button and you will be asked to provide your basic contact information. You will then receive a confirmation email. A click on the link will automatically make you a registered Kaymu member, and you are good to go!

To pay using Tigo Cash, customers who are already users of Tigo can dial 100 or 0578100100 for non-Tigo users to access the nearest Tigo Cash Agent. Once an agent is located, customers can request to make payment for the products they purchased on Kaymu and then, provide the Agent with ID details upon which a payment confirmation message will be sent to them.

How to Get Best Deals

Kaymu.com provides a platform for buyers and sellers to meet and make the best deals for used or new products, such as smartphones, computers, home appliances and every other item, thanks to the fixed and auction pricing system.

To get the best deals available on the platform, click on Deals of the Day link at the left side of the site. You will be taken to a wide array of products on sale with large amounts of discount. You can also check in on Flash Sales to find the best discounts available at each point in time on the website.

Another way to get best deals on Kaymu is to follow news updates on promotion sales (Black Friday, Wednesday, Cyber Day, etc.), special offers/coupons, discounts and their likes. You can get these updates by subscribing to Kaymu’s newsletter below the website.

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About Kaymu

Kaymu was launched in December 2012 by Africa Internet Group, the e-commerce pioneer in Africa. Backed by Rocket Internet, Kaymu was first introduced in Nigeria and Pakistan in January 2013. It was subsequently expanded to Ghana and Morocco in October 2013.

Ranked no. 12 by itnewsafrica.com in its list of Ghana’s top e-commerce websites in 2015, Kaymu remains one of the top online shopping communities in Ghana. The company has since spread to 35 countries across Africa, Asia, and Europe; 17 in Africa and the rest in Europe and Asia.

NOTE: Kaymu, together with all other websites (Jovago, Lamudi, Camudi, HelloFoods), managed by the Africa Internet Group were all merged in 2016 to become Jumia Group. Kaymu was specifically rebranded to Jumia Market. Owing to this development, Kaymu.com now redirects to Jumia.com. So you can now access Kaymu Ghana via Jumia.com.gh.