10 Undisputable Facts You Must Know about Yvonne Okoro

Ghanaian self established actress Yvonne Okoro is a woman of all controversies. From walking around in a top that allegedly exposed her boobs in an obscene way to question marks regarding her relationship with Togolese and Tottenham Hotspurs striker Emmanuel Adebayor, this celebrity super star is always hitting the front pages. She is undoubtedly beautiful, undeniable talented and enviably accomplished. She is never afraid of the limelight and has been involved in quite a few backlashes in the public as well as the media but all these only seem to make her stronger. In short, the character in her is so strong you would have to take her to the grave to kill it.

So, what’s behind the scenes? Does her toughness find its way into her relationship matters? Here are 10 things you may not know about Yvonne Okoro.

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10 Undeniable Facts You Must Know about Yvonne Okoro

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1. She has a Nigerian dad and a Ghanaian mum –

Unlike many Ghanaian celebrities, Yvonne Okoro could as well call herself a dual citizen- of Nigeria and Ghana. Her family lived in Ghana nonetheless so she went to school in Ghana and learnt her trade in Ghana. If her father came from Nigeria, surely she must have have spent more time in Lagos, isn’t it?

2. She calls herself an African –

Maybe that’s why the multi talented actress doesn’t want to be drawn into the nationality argument. Instead of spending a few years sourcing her Ghanaian or Nigerian ancestry details, she has decided to simply call herself an African. She looks like one anyway, dark, womanly and beautiful.

3. She is the first child of her mum but the 5th in the whole family –

Sources reveal that Yvonne’s family is such a large one. She is 1st in the basic family that is if you count mother, father and their biological children. Outside the basic family, she is 5th.

4. She studied English and linguistics –

Goodness, English and literature should have made her a professor of linguistics! Well, she is not. She actually went as far as France (University De-Nantes) to work on Press Civilization, Drama and Marketing. The drama queen is fully educated.

5. Started acting in 2002 –

Well, it’s not like she actually first acted in 2002. Yvonne is said to have shown glimpses of her acting capabilities as a young girl. As early as preparatory school, the girl was already dazzling with confidence on the stage and this continued well into her days at Mfanstiman Girls High School.