These Are the 7 Categories of People Making the Most Money in Ghana

Everyone is well aware that making money in Ghana is one of the most difficult tasks ever. In as much as there are big companies as well as good businesses that give money in Ghana, but how many people ever get the opportunity to work there? And for those who are eventually employed, they hardly make enough money to get them ranked among the actually rich in the society. Yet in the midst of all the difficulties, there are some group of people out there who are really seeing and touching some cool big cash everyday. Check them out…!

1. Football stars


Who does not know the worth of Ghanaian footballers at the moment? Once you have the skills in football, you have hit fortune. You become sought-after, even more than medical doctors or other very important professionals.

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2. Politicians


These are the prominent sharers of the National Cake; they go home from time to time with the lion share of the Nation’s money bag. They make official, what would have been in the right sense, theft and embezzlement by giving them various funny and annoying allowance titles. They are also awarded several contracts worth millions.They need not sweat so much before they are bombarded with huge sums of money. They are actually one of the classes of people that have money in excess in Ghana.

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3. Sakawa Boys


The internet fraudsters popularly known as Sakawa boys are big men in Ghana. Seeing the luxury and affluent way these guys live, one would think they are cool business tycoons. They always get a prey to feed on, some ignorant and simple white men they will help arrange well, their excess money .

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4. Pastors


No one in Ghana today needs to be told how lucrative being a pastor can be as churches are the second most filled places, after the market. Ghanaians presently believe that solutions to all forms  of problems can be gotten from the church, ranging from financial, academic, medical, psychiatric issues to other mysterious and supernatural problems of life. These Pastors go by different names: Bishops, Reverends, Evangelists, Pastors, Apostles, Soldiers etc, and this usually depend on the type of organisation, such as churches, temples, prayer houses, healing and deliverance ministries, miracle centres and so on. Huge sums of money are garnered everyday in the name of tithes, offerings, donations, seeds sowing, thanksgiving, and even sacrifices. The serious aspect of it all is that no class of people in the society is left out in the act of church giving – even the poorest and the ‘devils’ always have something to give!

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5. Drug Dealers


Its true that no one comes out to say publicly that he or she is a drug dealer but they are everywhere. Most of the times, they combine this business with some other legal businesses for a camouflage. Drug dealers are big time millionaires in Ghana.

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6. Media Owners

Ghana Media Companies

As the print media is almost becoming obsolete in this computer age, media houses have become the best places for advertising, publishing and news dissemination. Those involved in this kind of business are really making big cash in Ghana. If you’ve been observant, you will have noticed how new Tv and radio stations are springing up in Ghana and I believe more are on their way because of how lucrative this venture have become.

7. Celebrities (Musicians, Actors and Actresses)


If you come to think of what these Ghanaian celebrities are paid per music show or movie role, you would be amazed. Even the poorest of Ghanaians contribute to the wealth of this group of people since every dick and harry listen to music and watch movies. I will say, that these celebs grow money like grass.