Keno Game

Keno has risen to become one of the most popular casinos games. Behind its popularity, there’s a rich history that has driven the game to where it is now. Although some people tend to argue about the game’s background, one thing that everyone agrees is that the game did not originate in the United States. All the links point to Asia and specifically China. Let’s explore the history of keno and look at the key factors that have contributed to its massive popularity.

Invented by a Chinese ruler

It is believed that the game of Keno was introduced thousands of years ago by an authoritarian Chinese ruler known as Cheung Leung. The leader wanted to use the game as a source of finance. He was in dire need of money to build the Great Wall of China and to fund the endless wars. However, he realized that his subjects were not willing to pay more taxes and so he had to find another way of siphoning money from them.

It is at this point that the idea of Keno was conceptualized. He realized that the game would contribute some significant amount of money to the kingdom’s coffer and at the same time players would celebrate the rewards.

Spread of Keno to the rest of the world

Soon after being invented, the game become famous and a good percentage of the Chinese population grew an addiction towards it. Emmigrants from China began spreading the game to other parts of the world such as America. Surprisingly, the game received a warm reception in America as thousands of Americans were lured into the frenzy.

A section of the players renamed Keno to Horse Race Keno to seal all the loopholes that categorized the casino game under gambling. Later on, a number of states legalized gambling, which motivated casinos to include the game as part of the normal casino games.

Reasons for the popularity of Keno

As the game continues to gain popularity all over the world; what could be the reasons behind its successful growth?

  1. Zero skills required: Keno is one of the few casino games that do not need you to have any special skills. There are also no strategies or hacks that you can use to be successful in this game. New players can easily get into the game and come out winners without having any experience or special tactics. It is purely a game of luck whereby anyone can win. With this feature, the game has attracted droves of people, even those that were not interested in such.
  2. Big wins with little risks: Unlike other casino games where there are lots of barriers and great risks, the game is quite friendly. Entry barriers are relatively small, and you can gain significant payoffs with little risks. A single trial can result in huge success, unlike in other games where you have to place your money to increase your chances of winning continuously.
  3. Allows single player mode: A significant percentage of players shy away from group settings. They rather prefer playing the game alone. Keno makes this possible and this could be one of the reasons that have contributed to its popularity.

The betting industry is becoming competitive on a daily basis due to the introduction of new games while the existing ones are being improved upon however, the rich historical background of Keno is enough to keep it floating.