Accra vs Kumasi: 9 Fascinating Places That Make The Capital City Better Than The Garden City

Kumasi appears trying in the Accra vs Kumasi game, but no matter how much the Garden City tries, it cannot measure up with the Capital City!

Accra is the capital and largest city of Ghana. It is also the capital of the Greater Accra Region and of the Accra Metropolitan District.

Kumasi on the other hand, is a city in the Ashanti Region of Southern Ghana. It is among the largest metropolitan areas of Ghana. Kumasi which is alternatively known as “The Garden City” because of its many beautiful species of flowers and plants,  seems to be competing with Accra in terms of population, activity and beauty. Moreover, there are so many things you find in Accra that you could also be find its likes in Kumasi.

But, no matter how Kumasi tries, it cannot win the Accra vs Kumasi game! BuzzGhana has gathered the 9 major things you’ll find in Accra that are lacking in Kumasi.

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1. The National Theatre, Accra


The National Theatre is located in the Victoriaborg district of Accra, Ghana. The National Theatre houses the three resident companies of the National Dance Company, the National Symphony Orchestra, and the National Theatre Players.

2. University of Ghana, Legon


The University of Ghana is the oldest and largest university in Ghana. It was founded in 1948 as the University College of the Gold Coast, and was originally an affiliate college of the University of London, which supervised its academic programmes and awarded degrees. It gained full university status in 1961 and now has over 40,000 students.

3. Makola Market, Accra


Makola Market is a renowned market place and shopping district in the centre of the city of Accra.

4. Django Bar, Accra


I call it the home of Ghanaian celebs. This bar is owned by Ghana’s Hiplife godfather, Reggie Rockstone. Unfortunately, it isn’t two in Ghana, it can only be found in Accra.

5. West Hills Shopping Mall


The West Hills Mall, Accra is the biggest shopping mall in West Africa. The Mall offers a wide variety of product categories such as lifestyle, beauty and wellness; electrical, electronics and telecommunications; banking and financial services; a pharmacy with outpatient consulting facilities; restaurants; designer fashion and clothing stores; gifts and other merchandise of high value. None of the malls in Kumasi can be compared to this.