Ghanaian celebrities

What we eat often has a direct relationship with our looks. Once someone joins the league of the rich and famous in the society, one of the major things he becomes conscious of is what he eats and where he eats it – this is common among Ghanaian celebrities as well. Another aspect is that one’s economic status greatly affects his diet to a great extent. Poor people tend to go for “anything” but the case is different within the elite circle. They are very choosy and prefer to eat a little when food is served.

However, whether we were rich and became poor, or we were poor and later became rich; there is this aspect of our diet that hardly changes. That’s the one we call our favorites. I believe everyone, including Ghanaian celebrities, has a favorite dish, both small and great, rich and poor. Just as we find it difficult to include an undesirable dish on our menu, that’s the same way we find it difficult to stop taking those things that really make us feel good. The only thing we usually end up doing is to make the recipe richer whenever we discover we are more loaded.

Here are the favorite meals of your favorite Ghanaian celebrities

 John Dumelo


There is no “bigmanism” here. John Dumelo will grab and voraciously consume a bowl of plantain and garden egg stew any time, anywhere. That’s his favorite! Well, Dumelo is not in this alone. Most people, including the writer, love garden egg stew.

This delicious stew is essentially prepared with garden eggs which serve as a vegetable. The ‘egg’ in garden egg stew is derived from the fact that the size, shape, and color of the garden egg is similar to that of an egg.

Sandra Ankobiah


We already know her for high class but as I said earlier, there is no ‘shakara’ when it comes to dishes one loves. No matter how big she may seem to feel, Sandra never jokes with the Ghanaian delicious Waakye. A very delicious dish, Waakye originated in Ghana. It is a dish of cooked rice and beans and is similar to the West Indian’s rice and peas. The rice, in particular, is prepared with indigenous black-eyed peas and leaf.


Let me give you a tip, especially for ladies. If you want to get to the heart of Sarkodie, present a hot spicy appetizing rice and egg stew, then it is finished!

Nadia Buari


With her European looks, one would easily say what her favorite would be. Unlike other Ghanaian celebrities, you’ll not be mistaken in this one. Nadia is in love with spaghetti! Serve her the spaghetti on a good or bad day and she’ll remain grateful.

Shatta Wale


Shatte is a big fan of fufu and he is not shy about it.  The reggae dancehall musician doesn’t t play with the dish neither does he really care about the soup to mix it with. For him, any soup can go with the ‘refilling smooth balls’. Fufu, also called foo foo, is a West African tasteless doughlike dish made from cassava, yam, or boiled and ground plantain. It is pounded first after which it will be formed into balls to go with soups or stews.

Yvonne Nelson


You can guess hers, right? Maybe from her looks… Very far from it; you’ll be surprised. She loves just gari with shito. As simple as that, leave her with it and she’s just fine. Shito is a very delicious Ghana pepper sauce made from scotch bonnet chili peppers and fried shellfish. It is dark brown in color and can be made in a variety of ways. It is eaten with a variety of dishes too. Primarily, Shito consists of ginger, spices, prawns, dried fish, crustaceans, garlic, tomatoes, and fish or vegetable oil.



M.anifest is addicted to Gobe, which is also known as Red Red. For what it’s worth, Gobe is simply a combination of Gari and beans with ripe plantain. The Ghanaian rapper, singer, and songwriter revealed that at the end of daily struggles, he usually takes the dish and that he will thank you a million times if you serve him a bowl of hot Gobe.

The dish is very easy to prepare. Though it is prepared in different ways, the same result is usually obtained. Famed for its nutritious components, Gobe can sustain someone for a long period of time. Why not give it a try?