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The saying that the way to a man’s heart is through the stomach is absolutely true. It appears to be even more valid in Ghana and surrounding African countries. This is so because of the numerous, very interesting and delicious Ghanaian dishes that abound.

Of a truth, Ghanaian and African men at large do not joke with their stomach, so if you really want to get their attention and keep it, you must have the recipes for some special and delicious Ghanaian dishes at your fingertips. You may not need to know all of them as the preparation of some could be quite cumbersome, but there are ones you just can’t leave out of the list.

Are you still single as the year runs out? You can easily and quickly change your status by attracting your Mr. Right with these mouth-watering Ghanaian dishes! The ball is now in your court, so grab the opportunity!!! Here we go…

Top 10 Delicious Ghanaian Dishes

1. Palava Sauce and Ampesi (boiled yam)


This is one of the most simple Ghanaian dishes to prepare. It doesn’t demand so much time and skills to complete. You just have to boil yam, and then prepare the palava sauce. The major ingredient here is spinach which will be chopped. Then other things like fish, beef, etc, depends on your buoyancy.

2. Banku and Pepper/Okra Stew


Banku is one of those local Ghanaian dishes that is made from fermented corn. The dish is served as orange size balls along with fried fish or meat, pepper or okra stew. However, the preparation isn’t that simple and easy, especially when it’s with okra stew. All the same, it’ll be worthwhile if you know how to cook this meal as a typical Ghanaian lady. Your would-be husband will be proud you can and won’t ever think of having any other woman but you and you alone.

3. Mpotor Mpotor (mashed yam pottage)


Mpotor Mpotor is a Ghanaian dish which is simply mashed yam cooked in oil and pepper, fish etc. Any single Ghanaian lady who cannot mash yam really needs to rush back to the drawing board before its too late. Learning it could boost the chances… You know what we mean, don’t you?

4. Light Soup with fufu


Ghanaians have a variety of soups but the simplest and commonest one is the light soup. It is not difficult to prepare and it is very appetizing and works smoothly with well-pounded fufu. Every typical Ghanaian or African man would recommend it after a day’s hard labor. So get equipped now.

5. Angwa Muu (local jollof rice)


Angwa Muu is a popular Ghanaian dish which involves the use of just rice and oil. Oil is mixed with the rice in cooking and, it can be eaten as such or served with pepper and some fried eggs. You can as well add some stock fish to it if you are loaded. Some people call it concoction rice, but when solidly prepared, it can outclass the standard jollof rice.

6. Waakye


Mere looking at this meal, you’ll confess that preparing it will be very rigorous and backbreaking, but the reward is unspeakable and full of glory. Most Ghanaian men and even women don’t even give cooking it an attempt, they prefer to get it from the restaurants or roadside bukas. Make it readily available to a man with your own hands and erasing you from his memory will turn out to be one of the most difficult things to do!

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7. Red Red

Red Red

Most people around the world would shy away at the first sight of beans, but Red Red is one of those few dishes that has managed to reignite the love of beans in many people. Cooked into a fine bean curry that can include either a mix of prawns or fish, Red Red is one of those few dishes that demonstrates Ghanaian cuisine at its best. If you claim to be a real Ghanaian lady, and you can’t prepare Red Red, then you’re yet to start.

8. Plantain and Garden Egg Stew


This is usually unripe plantain which is salted and boiled. The garden egg stew is a special Ghanaian delicacy that goes with the boiled plantain. Serve a hungry man a hot bowl of this meal and he’s sure to make you his own. By the way, this is John Dumelo‘s favorite dish, so it’s no joke at all.

9. Jollof Rice

Jollof Rice

Although jollof rice is not originally a Ghanaian dish, it has come to stay and is now counted among the favorite meals in Ghana. Jollof rice is common and not difficult to prepare. The number and quantity of ingredients to use depend on how rich and delicious you want it to be. With an appetizing and savory jollof rice dish, a man cannot help but fall in love with you.

10. Rice and Stew

Ghanaian dishes

This is another universal food no lady should have an excuse for not knowing how to prepare. Mind you, men can cook this one easily. So you need to learn how to make your own more delicious, special and savory for a clear difference and meaningful impact. Good luck!