15 Items You Can Readily Buy While Waiting In A Traffic Jam

Times are very hard in Ghana to the extent that citizens are doing basically everything and anything to make some money.

With our markets choked and urbanization on the increase, people now have no option than to sell or do business wherever they deem fit.

Traffic in Ghana is hell. For a distance that could have been done in 15mins, one can be in traffic for close to an hour. This situation has led many hawkers thronging the streets with the merchandises to sell. Even though it’s illegal, people still do it and our authorities look on.

From the regular, sweets, gum, plantain chips, iced water, now even ironing boards are being sold in-between cars on our streets.

Below are 20 items that you’ll be shocked are being sold in traffic on our streets.

Soft Drinks/Pure Water


You can buy your favorite soft drink, Coke, Pepsi, Fanta, Muscatella right in traffic. These are mostly packed in containers and covered with ice blocks. Some are also kept in ice chests which are placed by the road.

Recharge cards

Mobile network

These are very common. All networks, all denominations.

Ice Cream

Ice cream seller

You wanna satisfy that craving??? They got you. Mostly they are Fan Milk products.